02 January 2010

a pretend post

hello and happy new year.
oh my, there is a lot to say.

however i just want to pop in, not for reals, but just for a little hi and g'bye session. because lets face it, i've been vacationing from blogland for way too long. i really would fill you in on all our happenings and their details, however we are still away and i am sitting at an unfamiliar locale for blogging. you know how that is. completely unfun. just reading email on a strange computer drives me batty. (yes, batty is the official first vocab word i am tossing in for the new year; spice up vocabulary with interesting and thought-provoking words.) you may be surprised to note, i am not a laptop girl. in fact, i am completely useless when one is put in front of me. it's completely frustrating and not cute. must rectify my laptop problem. for a so-called computer geek, it's a bit embarrassing that i cannot seem to do anything without a beloved mouse. how attached i am to my mighty mouse. that goal will be going on the resolution list, right underneath learn to text with both thumbs. i know, i'm totally unhip. while i've left my blogging far behind this week, i've had more time to focus on real life and the real flaws which need immediate attention seem to be coming out the woodwork. like termites.

good thing it's the new year, the idea of starting over is a favorite one of mine. i've been spoiled with goodness so far in twenty-ten. good people. good food. i must admit, after staying up all night for our rockin' new year's eve discussing all sorts of topics, from tiger woods to the m dash, and the classic crashings of pots and pans, i was slightly slow to begin january first. i started the beautiful winter day driving into my favorite downtown, salt lake city, with happy tunes on the player. everything was anew. whitney was so awesome to grant me my christmas wish with a personal yoga session. when my alarm went off, i second-guessed scheduling it first thing in the morning, but once i got out the door i was super thrilled to be out and about and learning yoga from my favorite pro. not to mention the good karma i was hoping to create by greeting january first with sun salutations. a thousand thank you's, whit. am hoping our session had the strength to fend off the caloric intake of my egg spinach bacon panini i devoured shortly afterwards. to enjoy the good things and to not complain about the bad, it's on the list. as is finding moments to read good books. am off to soak up the last of our vacation. will be getting back into the swing of things with pictures and details galore once we unpack and recoup.

enjoy all the newness.


Janssen said...

Love hearing from you! What a lovely way to start the new year.

crissy said...

Happy New Year, Marta. A personal yoga session sounds like a grand way to start the year. Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself :)

Erin said...

A shiny new year! I wonder what it will bring?

Lots of happiness, in real life and in blogland, I hope...

amy williams said...

Happy New Year..so nice to read your post and just after I pulled out my mini diaries to put in my bag for the new year. Bought them ages ago and gave some as a gift. Since one of the things that I want to do is appreciate the everyday..these will help. So thank you again :)

Wishing you all the best in 2010-

Travelin'Oma said...

You are the queen of the pop in. I'm glad you popped in!

Lee said...

As always, WONDERFUL to hear from you! A bright and shiny new year indeed. I look forward to what you have in store.

And, you can attach a mouse to your laptop - that's how I manage :)

summer said...

playing pretend. i love it, marta. so good to hear bits and pieces of everything! you always have us anxious for more.

welcome back!

AmberLee said...

tiger woods and the m dash, would have loved to be in on this.

always enjoy hearing about your yoga adventures.

getting back to reading is on my list too. yea for a fresh start. happy new year!

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