25 January 2010

the half marathon post

the utah mountains are always an eye opener on a long roadtrip. this time around we listened to zane gray's the trail driver. zane gray is always easy listening, great to drift in and out of. that is, if you're lucky enough to be the one in the passenger seat. it was a good one; classic western with guns and romance. benji was a champ on the long trip to st. george. right before we packed up the car, i discovered a small handheld broom i'd gotten at ikea years ago. hooray. it was the perfect car ride surprise. i've always wanted to be the type that saves surprises for vacations. funny to think that i'm a parent and completely supporting my child's new hobby. that and teddy grahams pretty much saved the day. we met up with the team late friday night.

the half-marathoners and 5kers rocked, despite rainfall and wind and chilly temperatures. this is the williams family + dan - cate. who, generally speaking, hardly get any air time on this blog. will have to remedy that fact. to make a long story short, they are all awesome and really fast runners. dan's sister, amy–the mama in the middle–turned me on to em dashes.

so it was a race well run. everyone happy, everyone hungry, everyone ready to roll. no pictures of my bro-in-law thomas and his pregnant wife elizabeth who both ran the race. really fast too. seriously, a power couple. athletic events are always exhilarating, even if you are living vicariously. benji slept through most of the action and i got to chit chat with a friend from high school. so good to see you, nichole! dan says i see someone from high school everywhere we go (this is absolutely not true), but i like when it comes true and the dream of popularity continues. this is a pro for not marrying your high school sweetheart. your hubby will never know that you were, in fact, pretty uncool. it's pretty nice to have a spouse who thinks you're cool. for the record, i think dan is pretty darn amazingly cool. which is why i married him (and, among other things, drive miles and miles to cheer his racing efforts on a freezing saturday morning in january). and p.s. who runs races in january? the team i married into, i guess.

benji and his little cousins played all day long together. i love knowing just how benji will be in one year's time thanks to little boy james. i invited him to come to idaho and live with us. he is so smushy loveable. so good to have family time to kick back together and squish into tables at in & out. i haven't tasted their chocolate shakes in forever. they were so worth the wait. sure, it might've tasted better had i run the 13 miles, but i still claim, cheerleading takes a lot outta you. and someone's gotta take the pictures.

congrats on a big finish racers.


summer said...

good grief, those mountains are gorgeous! and what troopers you have there- way to go. ditto on the mystery of highschool status with the husband. it's loads of fun. and i'm glad to hear that at least one of us is getting in on a chocolate shake from in-n-out. i was reminiscing about that very treat with grant the other day. mmmmm.

ps. honestly, i often wonder about when i will ever get to order animal style again. and it worries me.

Sarah N said...

looks like a lovely trip - and your boy benji is such a trooper! wishing petey would nap in the bob, he's just too busy taking it all in i guess. he also enjoyed a tiny hand broom today while i raked the yard. he might have eaten dirt too, but that's expected for one-year-old little boys (right???). thanks for the pics! when's your next 5k? there are great races in san diego if you need a promise of warmer temps and sunshine to woo you. :) and i'd be happy to take pictures.

Carol said...

I have been running now for almost a year. My daughter and son-in-law got me started. While they are much younger and faster than I am and have way more stamina they are what keep me motivated. I know I will never run more than a 5K but watching them run their half-marathons is inspiring. And as you said, someone has to be the cheerleaders!

Travelin'Oma said...

I thought you were totally cool in high school. That's why I wanted to hang out with you.

Anneliese said...

everyone seems to be going on trips where in & out is available! i'm happy for you. it is the best. i love when everyone loves something...that truly is so tasty!

cheering does take a lot out of you. chocolate shake well deserved.

Catherine Williams Photography said...

And a special thanks to Cate for being especially lazy and not training and dropping out at the last minute so that Dan could run! :)

Dansie Family said...

we missed cate, but glad the rest of you made it. it was a fun, albeit cold, race. next year, you'll have to run it, too.

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