06 February 2010

am a fan

am a fan of this maze tee and these sweet (and cheap) xo earrings.
am a fan of cute clocks on super sale.
am a fan of timing my surf time on the www.
am a fan of the new american craft stamp markers.
am a fan of taking up a new hobby.
am a fan of playing around with the blog.
am a fan of blogger's new tabs, click beneath my header for a look-see.
am a fan of metro chairs by nichole.
am a fan of cute keri russell on lucky mag's cover.
am a fan of jennifer & jessica ruffle dresses in marie claire.
please note the big gulp and bare feet.
am a fan of date nights at barnes & noble.
am a fan of all the buzz about the buttermilk font.
am a fan of hearty paper snowflakes.
am a fan of finishing a good book.
am a fan of pink & red valentine fabrics.
am a fan of a perfect gift-wrapping station.
am a fan of this post about showing your child love.
am a fan of heart shaped candies in grocery store aisles.
am a fan of nole's valentine round-ups.
am a fan of lovey letters like this message on a spool.
am a fan of sunshine and snow.


AmberLee said...

i was just reading along, nodding in agreement, when i came across my wrapping station. i'm tickled.

totally agree about the buttermilk font and b&n. and thanks for pointing me to the list on the mother huddle. i just love it.

Tiffany said...

Hey! I'm so glad to know about the new tabs on Blogger! I've been hoping for something like that for a long time.

Love your lists, and that t-shirt.

Never That Easy said...

Thanks for introducing me to AmberLee - totally subscribing to her feed!

Heather said...

quick question.
i added the new pages widget to my blog...but it won't center.
did you have to do something special to make it centered?
oh, and i completely love your blog and check it often.

kristin brown said...

yeah i love the new tabs too! but i have the same question about getting them centered like yours. want to share the secret?? :)

marta said...

thanks for checking out the new tabs. to tell you the truth, i have no idea how to center them. a sweet friend offered to switch up the html coding for me. i'll see if she can create a tutorial for us.

Miranda said...

Ooh! I'm so relieved to see those tabs. I've been playing around with my sidebar ALL WEEKEND and haven't come up with anything that satisfies me. I loved "thumbing" through your favorite posts, even though I've already read most of them twice! :)

Megan Elyse said...

Those earrings... to die for!

summer said...

ooh i always love these posts, marta!
1. dates at barnes & noble.. yes. yes. yes.
2. the fact that you say 'barnes and noble' and not 'barnes and nobles'.. a girl after my own heart. i'm a stickler about letters being where they shouldn't be.
3. bare feet and a big gulp! cuteness.
4. i instantly thought of you when i saw that spool message. reminds me of a little project once upon a time..
5. new blogger tabs! you always know about the cool stuff. i love them. thank you!

brittni: papernstitch said...

thanks so much for the mention. so glad you like the message on a spool project. :)

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