01 February 2010

giveaway: a handful of hearts

today's giveaway is from an old favorite, rae dunn.
i love this handful of hearts, just right for counting the ways.
giving :: one set of handmade hearts & pouch
please comment today to enter to win.
tell me five things you are loving right now

thank you, rae for putting your heart into your work.
it shows.

the random winner is lauri.

she comments,
I love ...
1. God's daily blessings in my life.
2. My handsome husband.
3. My two huggable cats.
4. Watching birds in my backyard on a sunny morning.
5. Great giveways from marta!

please email me with your shipping info. enjoy.


Renee said...

These hearts are the perfect way to start love month!

ashley maureen said...

01. snow
02. pretty valentines
03. organization
04. white flowers
05. flirty perfume

Joni said...

I of course have many things that I will never stop loving, but 5 things I am loving right now are homemade turkey chili, hot chocolate, snow cream, snowball fights, and warm blankets. We are completely snowed in from the biggest snow my area has had in many years.

Jenny said...

I LOVE.....
1. My husband (he is an accountant)
2. Tax season (the other woman)
3. Mardi Gras (a break in the clouds)
4. a warm hoodie (pullover)
5. happy children (especially in the morning)
Happy day to you!

Genevieve said...

1- my hubby
2- snuggling with my daughter
3- my clean house (well from friday!)
4- having just had a nice chill weekend together
5- my new serger

thanks for the great giveaway!

Anonymous said...

things i am loving:
1. yoga.
2. the feeling after a really good workout/sweat
3. the new coffee we just tried- YUM.
4. having enough leftovers to last the whole week
5. the beginning of a new month :)

xo, sarah

lily said...

1. a new cupcake recipe
2. white ink on kraft paper
3. my new laptop
4. Emma on PBS (thank you summer)
5. the hydrangeas my husband brought home yesterday

thanks Marta!

Getthebubbles said...

1. Higher Ground Coffee
2. Tiny art
3. Planting seeds
4. The Saints winning the Superbowl :)
5. Remodeling my bedroom

Teri said...

Five things I am loving right now? In no particular order:

1. DH from afar (he works on a fishing processor in the Bering Sea)
2. My cuppa hot tea ;-)
3. My almost 6 month old niece Hanna.
4. My life.
5. My God.

Anonymous said...

1 breyer's vanilla ice cream
2 leg warmers
3 lavendar scented pillows & blanket
4 an organized desk
5 google reader

Melissa Sauls said...

1. carrot nut muffins
2. wool socks
3. thick scarves
4. bright sunshine
5. hugs

Lisa said...

1. warm chocolate chip cookies
2. small children who sneak into mom & dad's bed in the wee hours of the morning
3. fresh snow blanketing the yard
4. first Crocus in March
5. Sunday afternoon: content family, fire, football, Scrabble

EMiller7 said...

1. snowy landscape
2. 2nd season of Lost on netflix direct stream
3. crockpot cookin
4. simplicity
5. February!

Anonymous said...

1 - my warm bed
2 - my boyfriend
3 - my many blessings
4 - the beautiful campus I live on
5 - lazy weekends

Cat said...

Great giveaway!
1. planning a trip to NYC for feb 14th! (without the kids...)
2. being a sahm.
3. registration for kindergarden next week!
4. my husband's new job
5. ice skating

Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

1. marking things off my to do list
2. my youngest daughter's bouncy head of curls
3. a steaming cup of coffee in no time flat from our new Keurig
4. that Spring is just around the corner
5. the excitement my oldest daughter has for becoming a Girl Scout

Lena said...

This is so fun.
1- Fringy mocassin boots
2- My daughter in Star Wars t shirts with pink or purple pants
3- Winter running
4- A new brownie recipe
5- Anticipating your giveaways


Lizzie said...

1 - Running
2 - chocolate covered pretzels (for breakfast)
3 - grapefruit
4 - planning vacations
5 - craft projects

brandy said...

1. My husband. He's the best.
2. Birthday parties
3. Sexy perfume
4. A clean house
5. Chocolate covered cinnamon bears

Celebrate Today said...

1. running
2. my iTouch
3. time with family
4. a peek of sushine
5. a brand new month

[eeny] said...

1. the snow
2. my steaming hot latte macchiato
3. a vanilla cupcake to go with it
4. being inspired
5. lovely giveaways

talesofahummingbird said...

listening to my son bark at my dog, the foggy haze starting the day off at a lovely lazy pace, the sun will be out and smiling in a few hours, oatmeal with raisins in in, in-laws coming in a few days

Anonymous said...

I love ...

1. God's daily blessings in my life.
2. My handsome husband.
3. My two huggable cats.
4. Watching birds in my backyard on a sunny morning.
5. Great giveways from marta!

claytonandmandy said...

1: New Couches 2: IKEA 3:Pork Chops 4:iTunes 5:Valentines Decorations (including yummy candy hearts!) Thanks for the chance to win!

Missy knits said...

1. snow, 2. quiet time, 3. hot cocoa, 4. homemade bread, 5. my dogs!

LRH said...

1.sunshine 2.new scrapbook products 3.Colts in Superbowl 4.craisins 5.all the pink and red valentine decor and photos

Tracy said...

Those hearts are so sweet.

1. my husband
2. my kids
3. my home
4. my friends
5. my life

Diane said...

1. Husband and family
2. Homemade wheat bread from my niece
3. Grandchildren who snuggle in my lap
4. A cozy book
5. Sunshine

Rebecca B. said...

1. My perfect little family
2. Rare chance to play in the snow in NC
3. Valentine's day decor
4. Making bread for the first time
5. New magazines in the mail

rbalderas at nc dot rr dot com

Sara Lyn Filliman said...

1. how the houses on my street were just MADE to be covered in snow.
2. my j.crew down puffer jacket. mmm, nothing cozier.
3. re-reading my pablo neruda love poems book (when you reminded me about it on the blog!)
4. that my bf calls feb "your month" for my bday.
5. arts and crafts for valentine's day!

Johanna said...

five things I love right now:

1. being married for one month
2. meatballs and spaghetti for dinner tonight
3. little memory projects
4. walking in the snow and sun
5. skyping with my mom

Hannah said...

01. baby feet
02. baby breath
03. baby sounds
04. baby clothes
05. sweet notes from friends in the mail. (thank you, marta! it made my day!)

KJ said...

1. that my husband obliges when I ask him WHY he loves me
2. my guy also willingly make post office trips for me (worthy of an entire post, in my book)
3. outlander
4. little boys making each squeal and giggle merely by looking at each other
5. a new haircut on the horizon

Teresah said...

am i too late? i hope not.
5 things i'm loving today:
1.Kimmy! my good friend:its her b'day too!
2. the winter sunshine
3. that my husband gets to be home from work today
4. turtle necks
5. new writing notebook in orange! :) happy february!

Ally said...

What a great giveaway!

Pj days
snowed in
my favorite playlist
my little ones silly voice
my hubby's arms

Love it!

charlotte said...

5 things
bengal spice tea
salty oat cookies
lavender candles
steamy baths
the sound of my little buy laughing

Cassie said...

1. Frosty ground around our home
2. Beautiful sunsets followed by clear night skies
3. Preparations for my husbands birthday on Friday
4. My big, fluffy cream scarf
5. Roaring fires in our wood burner

Happy first of the month xx

Elizabeth said...

1) my new art
2) my friends
3) perfume
4) puppies
5) blogs

Lindsay said...

1.Baked Potato soup on a chilly night
2.Valentine's socks
3.watching the snow fall with my husband
4.Enjoying classic movies
5.New velvet blazer


steph-a-ronie said...

1. colorful band-aids
2. making up voices for a new batch of childrens books
3. heart-shaped pasta
4. homemade chicken broth


Andria said...

1) Jamie Cullum on the ipod
2) diet sunkist
3) two cute 11 week old pups
4) time is going quickly (which is good for tax season)
5) my new ergonomic mouse and keyboard.

Anna said...

5 things i love this minute!
stripes, glasses, dollhouses, giant cookies, & my Pappy.

Anonymous said...

Things I love right now:
1. My man who is learning to say "I love you."
2. My kids who grew up hearing and saying "I love you."
3. My grandson who is almost 2 and is learning to say "I love you" on the telephone.
4. My new free happy life!
5. Every chance to have a day.

caitlin said...

That's funny, that's what I am writing about on my blog today!

01. Losing weight
02. Feeling healthier
03. My support system of family and friends
04. My husband letting me keep my feet warm on his legs under the covers
05. My parents constant kindness

Amy said...

1. no more sore throat
2. pajama days
3. little surprises i'm sending out to friends
4. fresh set of scented markers for my daughter
5. taylor swift downloaded to my ipod...thanks to mr. love of my life

Bluebelle said...

Oh, so sweet!

1. Creating
2. Friends who make you giggle uncontrollably
3. Turquoise
4. Sunrise colours
5. My husband

Crystal said...

Right now I'm loving...
1.The heater keeping my legs warm
2.The jacket keeping my arms warm
3.The quiet office
4.The special people in my life

DirtKicker Pottery said...

1. That Spring is just around the corner.
2. My Grandson, He always tells me I'm beautiful.
3. My morning cup of Kauai Coffee, it's like a little piece of Hawaii.
4. My Husband, because He has a heart of never ending compassion.
5. Etsy sales, because I know my pottery has a home :)

MollieB said...

these are lovely. just lovely.

+award-show season
+big pots of yummy soup simmering on the stove every weekend
+greek yogurt
+all shades of gray
+looking at any photo that reminds me of spring/summer (these winter days are getting mighty long...)

thanks for the great giveaways!

Tamara said...

i'm loving

01. my son's sweet smiles!
02. february is here!
03. stamps.
04. citron green hot tea.
05. burt's bees lip shimmer.

Abby said...

Great giveaway. I love her shop!

1- Happy, healthy kids
2- Husband who makes me laugh
3- fruit and feta salad w/orange rolls (i so can't wait for dinner tonight)
4- fabric, fabric, fabric
5- Yoga with Whit

Ashley said...

Love those hearts! :)
things I'm loving - 1. sun, even though it's too cold to go outside 2. new fabrics in spring colors 3. my fabulous husband who does more than his fair share of the cooking and cleaning 4. pink for february 5. vintage sheets in that great green color

thanks for the giveaway!

kari said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kari said...

i love rae dunn and i love your blog... but the five things i really love are my 5 children who inspire me each day to look at life with excitement and wonder.

whit said...

i love this..very cute

ellen said...

my friends, cameras, sewing machine, family and my condo

Mefi said...

1. my baby boy
2. hubby who works hard for us
3. billy buttons
4. north and south
5. green tea

stephanie howell said...

2. doilies
3. being together as a family
4. rosie thomas
5. cupcake sauvignon blanc

Jaclyn said...

1 - Scoring on PK's.
2 - Reading in bed.
3 - Wedding planning.
4 - Starting a cleanse.
5 - My fiance xo

Anneliese said...

01. baby fluttering in my tummy
02. new TOMS arrived in the mail
03. a printable calendar for feb :)
04. valentines
05. chocolate

Irene said...

I'm loving:

1. oatmeal in the mornings with granola on top
2. school
3. blogging and following blogs
4. scouting out vegetarian recipes
5. wonderful wonderful friends

hooray! pick me!

Hol said...

1. My sweet husband
2. My job as a designer
3. Our dog Kira
4. Chai tea
5. Crusty bread with soup

w and w said...

1-brushing my teeth BEFORE my shower, I used to do it after...not anymore!
2-getting dirty with my 2yr. old Annie
3-seeing her in something that DOESN'T match, like snow coat and gardening gloves (of course on the wrong hands)
4-my 9 month old's cellulite! Annie was a stick!
5-my husband's scent, it makes me feel at home

mj said...

1. sunshine
2. orange trees
3. blossoms on trees
4. my two year old's giggle
5. my clean kitchen

(i know it's feb...but i live in CA!)

Courtney B said...

5. all of the adorable valentines day decor i am seeing.

4. that my house is close to being ready to move back into

3. new seasons market

2. my baby boy

1. my husband

Anne said...

so pretty and fun!
I am loving
1. my husband
2. my little boy
3. berries of all kinds
4. anything pink
5. letterpress

Susan said...

1. making homemade Valentines with The Little Miss

2. The sun on my face.

3. The thought of going on a road trip with the husband and the little miss next week

4. Whole Foods that just opened up down the street.

5. My life.

summer said...

one. bagels with cream cheese & jam on top.
two. a clean bathroom counter.
three. a tiny bit of spending money.
four. brown bananas, all ready for baking.
five. good hair day. (mostly bangs, but i'll take it.)

tawnya said...

1. My birthday
2. My hubby
3. My son
4. The (brief!) warmth of the sun
5. enchiladas...

doug and becky said...

1. Walking at 5:45 way before the sun is up and enjoying the peace and quiet.
2. Shopping for my sisters birthday.
3. Being 4.5 months pregnant for the first time.
4. Friends visiting.
5. Watching my husband doing chores when I'm too tired :) This is probably my favorite of all.

chelle said...

sharing Curious George w/my son
sugary treats (wish this would stop)
trying new recipes
the color purple

Megan said...

they are so cute
I love
my baby waving and shaking her head to music
my toddler talking on her phone in her playhouse
reading crafty blogs
learning how to sew
eating vege's out my garden

mary plus vince said...

1. days spent with vince (even if he is sick and that's why he isn't at work...)
2. a cozy sweatshirt on a chilly day
3. beautiful photos

4. hot hot hot showers (my poor skin!)
5. crafting up cute holiday decor!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the chance to win!

1. God
2. My husband
3. My son
4. Marking things off of my "to do" list
5. Google Reader


oneordinaryday said...

Warm sunshine coming through the window on a very cold winter day.

Katie said...

1. my green lulu lemon sweatshirt. A christmas present from my husband.
2. The wall of photos and paintings in our kitchen, just composed last weekend.
3. The new Sunday school manual for my church; great short lessons on basic eternal topics with lots of questions to ponder and scriptures to look up myself.
4. Dates; like the kind you eat. I'm trying to let go of sugar, so these little fruits are my afternoon substitute.
5. The red,white and pink peanut m&m's for Valentines. I have a bunch in my candy jar (not eating them, promise!) they are such cheesy colors, perfect for this cheesy holiday!

jaytee'sbtw said...

1. I am loving the sunshine..welcoming spring
2. love, always, peanut m&m's
3. diet 7up!
4. hanging out with my babe, my love (watching "Lost" or anything!)
And I la la love those hearts!!

Campbell said...

1. The sun! It's finally stopped raining in Northern California and I'm soaking up these rays like a cat.
2. Kiehl's Imperial Body Butter. Best Lotion Ever.
3. Fresh Sugar Lip Balm. Best Lip Balm Ever.
4. My mom. (really)
5. Point Reyes Blue Cheese. Making my salads so much more fun!

Ginny said...

1. Green Tea
2. Old photos
3. My warm cozy blanket
4. the heat in my car has been working this winter!
5. reading a good book

marialuigi said...

1~Burritos (I just made a batch from scratch this weekend.)
2~Generous people.
3~My cute red shoes.
4~My hard-working Sweetie.

Lisa said...

1. the energy I get from the audience when I perform (I'm an actor in a play right now, up in Canada)

2. the secret smiles that pass between me and my boyfriend

3. a big mug of tea

4. the view of the west coast mountains from my livingroom window

5. the two hour phone conversation I just had with my mother

Lisa said...

1. Sunshine
2. Peanut butter bars
3. Baby steps. For reals.
4. My orchid
5. V-day prep

Are we there yet? said...

1. Lunchtime
2. Rice crispy treats!
3. Only three hours until I am done working
4. My baby is 7mths old!
5. My husband sends me cute emails through the day!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for such a fantastic giveaway!

Mui Yen said...

this was my first entry :)

i love the smell of cooking pancakes
i love the sound of approaching rain
i love the taste of sweet mango
i love the sight of nathan and alex laughing (my 17 mth old nephews)
i love the feel of scratching my corduroy pants

thanks, marta! :)

Lili said...

What a cute idea! I love:
- discovering cute things on Etsy...
- Italian Blues (bread with mushrooms)
- new clothes
- giving away old clothes
- my boyfriend and the way he makes me feel.

Anne. said...

Five things I am currently loving:
1. getting lost in the world of a fiction novel
2. jasmine green tea
3. e-mails that rival pen pal letters
4. Muse's H.A.A.R.P. album, and
5. when you can perfectly put into words something you've been feeling.

Linda said...

1. My husband starting his new job and new career.
2. Our new used car
3. Driving our new used car
4. Making bread
5. Decorating our new place.

Anonymous said...

1. Mom
2. Rosebud my pug
3. laughter
4. old movies
5. champagne

Anne Marie N.

DeAnna said...

sincere hearts:tickled funny bones:a great smoothie:brilliant minds:Rumi

kris said...

snow days with my kids
comfort food
my wonderful man

Rachael said...

I'm loving:
1: Getting mail of all kinds (except bills)
2: Having friends tell me exactly what I need to hear, even if it's not particularly pleasant at the time
3: That my best friends are my cousins
4: Having fresh flowers in my bedroom for the first time ever (being friends with a florist rocks)
5: Getting rid of stuff I don't need.

Thanks for the chance!

We're Not in Kansas Anymore said...

1. perpetual calendars
2. hand stamped baby bibs
3. mum printed paper
4. 2nd year "baby books"
5. dark chocolate

Natalie Thiele said...

1 Sun breaking through the clouds
2 Ginger and lemon gumdrops
3 My happy husband going off to play golf
4 Going to tap dance class
5 Making a sock mondey

Laura D said...

1. my husband
2. leftovers for lunch
3. when the checkbook balances to the penny
4. when my mom calls
5. cranberry white chocolate oatmeal cookies


stringsofpurls said...

1. the sunshine accompanying our freezing weather
2. My new grandson
3. MateVana Tea in the morning
4. the book I'm reading
5. The thought of starting a new knitting project

sarah chong said...

those are absolutely lovely.
and i really enjoyed reading your other entry about your husband.

currently loving:
1. the sunny-but-chilly weather
2. the word verification i have for this comment: frupeas. just a silly word.
3. wasting time
4. john west - loved you tonight
5. starburst wrappers

Rambles With Reese said...

What a beautiful and simple way to say "I love you."


jen byard said...

01. my husband
02. my boys
03. my new house that feels like a new york loft
04. luigi's pizzeria, one block down
05. slow churned rocky road ice cream

katie said...

1 - my husband.
2 - mushrooms.
3 - chef morimoto.
4 - bundling up for the cold.
5 - starting school soon.

Anonymous said...

learning to crochet
my cat
the fact that I am employed
my country

Nichole B said...

1. cinnamon butter cream frosting.
2. yellow flowers from him.
3. smell of food co-ops.
4. red and pink hearts every where.
5. fresh squeezed juice.

Bob (obxnomad) said...

1. I hate being old but love having lived this long.
2. nor'easters
3. ocean environs
4. being loved and loving
5. cold sheets when I crawl into bed

Cambria said...

1. Hot Chocolate
2. My new ipod touch
3. Spending my days with my little man
4. My chi straightner
5. Texting

Unknown said...

1. meeting new people.
2. mint face masks.
3. green tea
4. snuggling with my hubby in the am.
5. the mystery of what lies ahead.

Gretchen said...

I'm loving:

1) my husband
2) getting things done
3) kissing
4) my cats
5) reading

Karen said...

Right now I am loving ...

1.) My job
2.) My personal trainer
3.) My bed
4.) Sweets
5.) The anticipation of next week's vacation!

Carol said...

1. my grandkids
2. dark chocolate
3. lazy Saturdays
4. shopping for purses and shoes
5. Bloggers who have give-aways!

Karie said...

1. my husband
2. my thoughtful family
3. bitter orange soap
4. blue skies in February
5. love month

Desperately Seeking Gina said...

1. life
2. The anticipation of Tuesday
3. pretty pictures
4. Thom
5. soft clean sheets and a cozy comforter

Dansie Family said...

james, eliza, porter, chocolate chip cookies warm from the oven with ice cold milk, and LOST: season 5 (i keep calling the video store every 45 minutes to see if disks 3 and 4 have been returned yet).

Miss Five said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Five said...

1. An early bedtime for all
2. Video chatting with family that is far away.
3. Cherry 7Up
4. To-Do lists that are actually getting smaller.
5. The beginning of a new assignment!

melissa kaye said...

How pretty! :)

My 5 things that I ♥ right now:

1. my boyfriend, Lewis
2. Vanilla Rooibos tea
3. scarves
4. making Valentine's cards
5. iPad!!!

Mary M. said...

Five things I love, First and always my son, then Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, and last but not least Coffee :)

Kaitlin Wainwright said...

Feeling fit.

Chocolate earl grey cake.

Reading in the bathtub.

My husband's brown eyes.

My new striped blue scarf.

Shirley said...

Some things that I will always love:

1. The discovery of a new book that you just cannot put down and therefore must stay up all night reading and call in sick the next morning (not that I've ever done that).

2. Planning trips with a very, very small budget and making it feel lavish.

3. Having the time to make a yummy lunch for yourself, instead of heating leftovers and eating processed/prepared foods.

4. Re-watching episodes of Gilmore Girls (the early days when it was really awesomely great!)

5. The knowledge that, because you like to have friends of all backgrounds and knowledge and experiences, you always have someone to turn to for some specific kind of help. In this case, computer virus defeating help. :)

MeganKP said...

1. Jelly belly jelly beans!
2. polaroids
3. rasin scones
5. blogs


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