01 February 2010


happy birthday, babe.

the annual dan list.
thirty five big ones for the man i love.

01. i know no one else who lives life like he does, he creates happiness.
02. he sleeps in snowcaves willingly. he makes everything more fun.
03. he loves to drown mountain man breakfasts in maple syrup.
04. he is happiest with our little bear in his arms.
05. he says things like having a kid is so much fun and let's hang out and read tonight and what should i make for dinner...
06. he never complains. even when his favorite birthday bundt cake was decapitated. he simply scrapes the crumbs from the pan and tells me, i love the dregs.
07. dan knows how to skate really really well. if there is ever a show where you nominate someone to go rollerskate with the stars, i will be the first one writing in.
08. he makes me laugh every day. usually first thing.
09. he brings home little surprises. like sprite in a can.
10. he reads my blog. if that doesn't say love, i don't know what does.
11. he doesn't mind if i interrupt and read blurbs of people magazine aloud on roadtrips. speaking of which, when he runs into a gas station he usually comes out with a bag of m&m's to share.
12. dan can peel an orange so the peel takes the shape of an elephant's face. i love this trick.
13. he goes to the post office for me. a lot.
14. dan could survive on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the rest of his life.
15. he lives up to his word and won't let you down.
16. he would like a big library in a simple house–just big enough for us–when he grows up.
17. he prefers movies with sneaky spies and/or explosions.
18. and fyi, cool guys don't look at explosions.
19. he makes benji laugh the loudest.
20. he grew up with mountains and never wants to leave them.
21. dan has awesome boy handwriting.
22. he loves cows, horses and farm machinery. completely embracing the country life. plus, it's calving season around these parts. we met a farmer the other day who told us one of his cows had triplets!
23. dan can get anyone chatting up a storm. like a farmer on a dusty road in the middle of idaho.
24. he hangs out with benj every morning so i can sleep a little longer.
25. dan knows sushi, while still not being one of those i am really into sushi people.
26. dan loves history, maps and exploring uncharted territory.
27. sometimes i think he was born a century or so too late. lucky for me.
28. he is my favorite travel companion and will stop at little random diners or mom n' pop donut shops. he always asks the store clerk where's a good place to eat around here–even if we've already eaten–just to hear what they have to say.
29. he shocks me with random little-known trivia.
30. he is honest, good and kind. his mother raised him right.
31. he can list every american president and vice-president and the dates they were in office and what their campaign slogan was, why the west was won and so on and so forth. i very much love living with knowledge like his. it very much reminds me of my dad. the best sort of teachers re-tell history in story form.
32. he listens to my long-winded dreams for the future.
33. he has gone 35 years without a cell phone of his own.
34. dan is the sort of a man who lives life as though every wish of his has already been granted. i love that he is so simple and so content with life right here, right now.
35. he sings japanese lullabies to our boy at night.

i s l y.
happy february first.


Teri said...

That is a wonderful list. You are blessed to have each other.

heather said...

what a great list...hope you didn't work too hard shopping for his birthday as i think this is an amazing gift right here!

talesofahummingbird said...

what a wonderful guy - luck in love for sure! my favorite trick of his is #34...something we should all strive for. happy day!

[eeny] said...

Wow... that is TRUE LOVE.
Wonderful words, Marta.

Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

Do you know how blessed you are that you realize all the gifts he gives to your family? So many people don't know what they have when they already have it. I would say that Dan feels that you are his favorite gift...love like yours can't be topped. What a lovely list you came up with. And, I'm sure there are more.

katy said...

Marta, that is so sweet! I just copied and pasted #34 to a sticky note on my desktop. My husband is good at that, too, and I really need to work on getting there myself!

No Big Dill said...

impressive itemization.

Christie said...

You got yourself a fabulous guy there. He had me at the first (Neil Diamonded) Hello. Happy birthday to one of the best ones there is!

Tiffany said...

Such a great list. Happy Birthday to your Dan!

Diane said...

You lucky girl. You seem like a well matched couple!

Cassie said...

Wonderful list - may just have inspired me to write my own (privately for now I think) for my hubbie's birthday on Friday.
Happy Birthday Dan! Hope you have a great day celebrating together xx

caitlin said...

I look forward to these lists every year. He sounds like a really great person. And the way you write about someone makes me wish I could see them through your eyes.

Hannah said...

darling post. sounds like you caught yourself a good one. a good husband=a good life.

p.s. i love that snl clip. my mom giggled to it daily while she was visiting.

whit said...

Happy Birthday Dan!! I laughed so hard at this list..so true..you two have always been the dream team couple. I'm happy that you both are in our lives!!! Have a happy day you two..

stephanie howell said...

oh i love this. seems like your guy and my guy have lots in common. what a sweet post. xo

summer said...

happy birthday, dan!
how fun to see all the things you love about your cool guy, marta. (oh that video.. i'm so glad you reminded me. hilarious.)

ps. as usual, i can't get enough of a good list, and this one is an A+. woohoo. loved it. 'lives life as though every wish of his has already been granted'.. how do you get it so on the money? this is just like grant, too, but i've never thought of it before. now i'm going to be thinking of it all the time. so sweet.

tawnya said...

Happy birthday to him! I turn 36 today!

brooke said...

Oh this was awesome. Sam and Dan are very much alike.

First, I've seen #7 first hand once when I was in Provo and I would have to agree with you.

Second, #13 makes me jealous.

Third, #18 was the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Finally, #33 shocks me and intrigues me at the same time. I would love to give up mine.

Jen Holtkamp said...

i love your love list marta. aren't those dansies wonderful? happy birthday dan!

Gabrielle of Design Mom said...

Happy Birthday to your Dan! Many happy returns.

Anne. said...

My favorites: he sticks to his word, will never let you down and his ability to make little Benji laugh the loudest. So cute.

Happy birthday, Dan!

Lili said...

Very sweet, and reading this also makes me feel very grateful for my boyfriend.

Jake said...

Great list for a great guy! Happy Birthday, Dan. I'm glad you were born.

joy said...

What a special way to say happy birthday! So sweet, and inspiring--enjoy celebrating with your best boys :)

Dansie Family said...

happy day dan!!

m said...

Happy Birthday Dan!

he really is a special guy, we do love him over here at our place.
I just love that jer has such a wonderful role model

Travelin'Oma said...

I've been celebrating all day in Dan's honor!

holly-lynn said...

haha. i love this list! my husband has nice boy handwritting too (actually it's nicer than mine!)

happy birthday d

cropstar said...

gosh, now I'M in love with dan!

Unknown said...

Oh Danny!

Yes - you are are a treasure! Marta is darling and what a sweet list. I remember when Dad used to bring m&m's from the gas station to share. Yes - you are a treasure and I love you. What a sweet Marta you have! This list makes me smile and remember how wonderful you are in so many ways.

Love to both of you! MM

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