19 April 2010

am a fan

am a new fan of faux flowers. was never a big fan before. but i gathered these up at michael's craft and offered this little bouquet for a prize at my april showers game party the other night. the other prizes included shower gel, a shower cap, bath bombs and cute umbrellas. was musing about how clever i was being, in the aisles of tj maxx.

am a fan of (and completely addicted to) the song, her morning elegance by oren lavie. am listening to it on repeat. really truly. thank you julia for the introduction.

am a fan of nicole's cute apartment.

am a fan of retro vintage website design.

am a fan of flying and falling in love with an airplane wedding. so unique.

am a big fan of darling baby showers such as this hip blue & orange shindig. she really made the most of every detail there. i met miranda–in real life–the other day over croissants and quiche and boy is she nice, down to earth and completely awesome. she was wearing a pretty skirt and a bright flower upon her cardigan. how cute is that?! she charmed little benj too.

am a fan of milk chocolate chips in a ramekin; my go-to treat when i'm at my desk.

am a fan of my mom's memories of life with little children. love that vintage picture of her.

am a fan of getting all the information; like this debate about the droid vs. the ever popular iphone. would not even be a question for me, however my hubby likes to weigh all the options.

am a fan of darling child inspired fabrics.

am a fan of birth stories, like this incredibly genuine sweet one and a really insightful grieving story. we can learn a lot from what people write.

am a fan of granola. it has appeared back in my life again. thank goodness.

am a fan of incredible & inspiring craft spaces like these and these too.

am a fan of addressing envelopes. am currently doing a batch for an official fancy wedding. am doing my best to not mess up, to spell tennessee right and to thank the universe for good white pens.

am a big fan of making up stories for the names and places of where the guest list lives. am a big fan of writing the words los angeles, california or washington dc. and florida. florida is a fun one to spell out, and spread out, all loopy like.

am a fan of a huge poster of your children's artwork. so simple, sleek and modern.

am a fan of letterhead design. really great color schemes to dream of.

am a fan of freshly picked. susan is the magic mind behind my ruffly throw pillow.

am a fan of looking forward to things. my calendar is heavy with possibility.


Travelin'Oma said...

I'm so flattered that you're a fan. I'm your fan, too. When we get together we'll be really cool (with all that fanning going on!)

Tiffany said...

And I'm a fan of you! Love those happy flowers!

lily said...

thanks for putting all this great stuff in one place! i'm curious, i'm about to address 150 envelopes for a wedding and need good white pens... care to share which ones you're using??

Hil said...

Love it all, especially the song. Thanks for sharing on this beautiful monday morning!

leni said...

i'm a fan of all your lovely posts!

Miranda said...

Awww, thanks so much Marta! I'm so flattered that you like the shower so much. I, of course, am a fan of you.

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