17 April 2010

letterpress posters

i love these new posters from the ever famous keep calm gallery.
so much so, i might just clean off my bulletin board for this one.
it is high on my wish list of things i saw in blogland.
wouldn't it be sweet in a nursery or a little one's room
or perhaps hanging in a nice bathroom. to remind you every day.
that you're okay. in fact, you're better than okay. just as you are.
become the real you.


Corinne Cunningham said...

Those sing to my heart :) Love all of them!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

i love their shop! and love your favorite!

[eeny] said...

Love them, they are so true!
"Become who you are" should be everyones philosophy of life.

Heidi said...

i totally want something like this in my bathroom. i like the turquoise russian dolls. So cute.

summer said...

i'm crazy about these colors and the little stars. and i'm thinking that the bathroom idea is great.. how perfect would that be in a big gray frame?

ps. thanks for the intro to keep calm gallery! quite the cool shop.

hoopty doopty said...

oh i so love the aardvark poster. thanks! now i'm wanting to spend £25 on that and i really shouldn't!

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