02 April 2010

easter crafts roundup

am always on the hunt for holiday ideas. here are some favorite easter crafts spotted in my google reader. (am still campaigning to my mom about joining the google reader club. apparently bloglines is still not picking up my new rss feed. boo. am determined to not let the man get me down. it seems as though the old feed and new feed are conflicting and won't show any new posts. just another reason to export your faves into google reader.) anyway, onto happy easter inspiration. happy egg boiling, egg dying, plastic egg filling, egg hiding, and egg hunting this weekend. hopefully these links will break you out of your shell.

get completely peep happy.
simple bunny card cutouts.
the sweetest silhouette easter printout.
melissa's handmade spring fabric baskets.
paper egg basket printable.
martha's version on colored egg eye candy.
cutesy chick cupcake flag printables.
little lamb cookies too sweet to eat.
pennant fabric flags for spring.
life changing tip about never peeling an egg again.
an easter brunch menu to rave about.
easter coloring pages, perfect for my scribbler.
charming li'l felt bunny finger puppets.
a colorful handmade easter card.
an awesome easter toolbox by sally.
dessert to feed a crowd, banana berry trifle.
if easter sweets don't cheer you up, then read this list.

xo. m


Ginnie said...

Hey miss Marta!
Here is something else that might make your easter list. My little family and I went egging for FHE and I thought it was one of the cutest ideas.


Melissa said...


Thanks for including me in the roundup!! There are so many fun things on here.


Travelin'Oma said...

Thanks for this great list. (I wish your little bunny was coming to my Easter Egg hunt tomorrow.)

sally said...

Thank you including the easter toolbox in your list!

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