16 April 2010

the scoop on giveaways

i like to remain genuine in this space, so here's the real scoop on what i'm planning for the upcoming martawrites giveaways. mother's day gift ideas will launch next week, a new giveaway every day for two weeks. be sure to tune in. i am extremely excited about introducing the lineup of old and new handcrafty shops. in the past, i've received a whole lotta questions about how i run my giveaways, where i find the shops, if i charge people, if i get free stuff and more.

up until now, i have received no commission for blogging. yes, sometimes a freebie of a thank you here and there–because lets face it, crafty people are nice people–but it's all about promoting entrepreneurial creative spirit. no strings attached. and i hope it will remain that way. that's definitely a big part of why i love to blog; the spread of information, the exchange of good ideas, the promoting of each other's talents. my goal is to promote the unique, the awesome, the one of a kind, the handmade + the small business movement.

i have thought long and hard about an alternative to putting ads on my blog and have decided charging a small fee for a giveaway spot can create a little revenue from this space without compromise. i promise, there will be no blinking ads or secretly paid endorsement posts, just giveaways from favorite shops. i retain the right to handpick the interested shopkeepers and remain true to my personal style, tastes and fondness for quality craftsmanship and artistic aesthetic.

mother's day spots have already been filled. but i will be open for more giveaway spots during the summer months. i am happy to schedule your giveaways to align with a special sale or etsy shop launch. email me direct for more details. thank you, thank you.

happy weekend everyone.


Erin {pughs' news} said...

Can't wait for your Mother's Day gift ideas... They're sure to be just gorgeous!

Oh, and if I had a shop I'd like to promote, I would totally sign up for a spot on Marta Writes... quite possibly the prettiest, and classiest, blog on the internet!

Happy Weekend, Marta!

jularun7 said...

no doubt this is going to be amazing! i heart marta writes (and designs) for sure! :)

Hil said...

seriously excited! thanks for staying true to your awesome self and only promoting things you actually love. so refreshing in this blogging world!

Marisa said...

I think it's a great idea. I love the fact that you don't have ads all over your blog. As Hil said, it is such a refreshing change.

Jules said...

This is an interesting idea. I am going through a blog redesign and I keep going back and forth on the advertisements. I feel so conflicted!

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