22 May 2010

cheers + thanks

dan and i clinking cheers with sparkling apple cider.

thanks for all the niceness about our vacation snapshots.
here are the answers to your questions.

my dress (sadly no longer available) and ruffly swimsuit are from Boden.
the yellow flower in my hair is from j crew. i love it.
anne picked it out, shockingly it matched my dress perfectly.
my plaid shorts and benji's striped tie are from H&M.
benji's beach sandals are from Target.
my toenails, pamplona purple by O.P.I.
and yes, we really do love our Bob running stroller.

i always love q+a sessions. send yours to marta@martawrites.com.
p.s. don't miss the mini diary up for grabs over on mary's blog.


hoopty doopty said...

wow marta! gogeous. this is such a great photo of you two.

Diane said...

What about the dress you have on in this picture for the blog conference? Or is that too dressy? You look fabulous in it.

brooke said...

Cutest picture of the two of you.

I loved your last post too but had a baby in my arms when I read it and couldn't comment.

I can totally see this picture on your 50th wedding anniversary dvd. Won't it be perfect?!

Heidi said...

Min, love the dress, I totally bought that in my mind when I "borrowed" somebody's catalog. Totally great. And seriously, aren't you glad you bought those plaid shorts from H&M? We'll see you soon!

Unknown said...

What a great photo! Pretty dress, too! :)

[eeny] said...

I am wearing the exact same nail polish color right now...

This picture is really gorgeous...
and so are you. =)

summer said...

yes, i agree. you are the prettiest pair. and this photo is nothing short of gorgeous!

ps. thank you for always sharing your style|shopping guide!

Jill K said...

you guys are adorable! love this picture.

Tiffany said...

I love that photo! Wish I was going to be in Salt Lake for your talk at the conference.

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