06 May 2010

performing photoshop surgery

you may think all i do is plan giveaways and work on the blog, surf the web and feed the little tiger i live with. well that's mostly true. however, i do have a real job of designing. it's deadline time again and i am busy working with my dad on the layout of his latest book. it's a history of a man who was a farmer, a writer, a postmaster, a business man and a cattle rancher. a renaissance man of his time. the family (luckily) has loads of photographs for us. they have all been lovingly pasted down and written upon. it is fun to scan vintage scrapbooks and see how different families record their histories. it's pretty awesome to join forces with their interesting handiwork and adopt new technology to make the historic photos look their best. here's one example.

click image for a closer look.

p.s. if you're a photoshop fan, you'll really smile when you see this.


katherine said...

Ha! Perhaps these folks who wrote upon their photos were at the forefront of modern design! Surely you have seen words printed upon photos in publications of all kinds — magazine covers for one. ; )

Great work you've done restoring the photos!

Bluebelle said...

Love this, old family photos are the best. I'm currently trying to put an album together of pictures from my parents' wedding and even though it's only 25 years ago I love seeing the old fashion, hair and the youthfulness in the faces of people I have only known in their latter years!

Meant for a Moment Designs said...

Very Impressive restoration... its amazing what we can so now, especially compared to when that photo was taken! Well Done, sounds like a fun project!

Jules said...

I don't know how "you photoshop people" do it. I can barely manage Picasa.

Great job!

Anonymous said...

That is just amazing! Photoshop is a total mystery to me. I do consider my self to be a little IT savy, but I switch on photoshop and my brain packs up shop and jumps out of my ear.

Thank goodness for gals like you who can work wonders!

k hansen said...

WOW marta you are amazing! i know these history books you compile are treasures for those you make them for. you take such care in the process.

but thanks for the advice... ☺

Phoenix Peacock said...

what a wonderful visual history!

PS. For some reason none of your blog posts were updated on my reading list until 3 hours ago! Otherwise I would have been commenting like mad with all the rest of your readers!

{amy k.} said...

first of all- what a cool project! pictures and memories are some of my favorite things in life.

AmberLee said...

wow. will you please teach me everything you know?

p.s. you wrote once about getting a loaf of bread baked each morning and i loved it. you have me baking bread much more often, though somehow not always before the morning is over.

shopgirl said...

Very sweet Marta! Good luck with it! Your father is blessed that he has such a talented and skilled daughter!


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