09 September 2010

am a fan

am a fan of thursdays. always have been. we even got married on a thursday.
am a fan of vintage-y art postcards. searched the whole park for these.
am a fan of the new scouting postage stamps. just perfect for dan.
am a fan of my mom's random reflections & lessons on life. her wise words still make me laugh.
am a fan of nie nie's balloon family portraits. so darn cute and will be copied by many, i'm sure.
am a fan of september. always have been. am wearing my hoodie already. are you?
am a fan of collecting wooden spoons. oh so simple and oh so stunning.
am a fan of diy rainbow crayons. a tutorial just in time for back-to-school.
am a fan of jack-o-lantern taffies. already have a bowlful. we'll see how long they last.
am a fan of all the great answers to the question i had for design mom about matchbox car mats.
am a fan of these strawberry lemonade cupcakes. can't wait for an occasion to bake some.
am a fan of learning how-to eat a cupcake. never knew this no mess trick. speaking of cake...
am a fan of these cake paintings all lined up in a row by jordan & paul ferney. lovely.
am a fan of this photography tutorial over on giverslog. aperture can be conquered. woohoo.
am a fan of pretty fabric baby books. this one blows my mind. by darling miss mique.
am a fan of these hanging fabric storage baskets. could fill them with a dozen things right now.
am a fan of a new nail polish hue. actually, it's so awesome it deserves its own post.
am a fan of this wood type table. you letterpress lovers will die.
am a fan of these clever melamine plates i found on display in a shop in bozeman, montana.

am playing catch-up tomorrow, so i'm signing off and wishing you a fabulous weekend. will be back next week with our new line of postcards, a crafty how-to and some camp out photos.


tammy said...

hi marta...
once you find the car mat, i am sure you will need to make one of these...

i made 2...easy peasy!

<3 your blog!

Diane said...

I got married on a Thursday too! And Thursday is the day each week that I spend with my best friend of 20 years. It is a great day!

Hil said...

Such a great list! I am so honored to be part of it. :) The credit, as per most of my recipes, goes to my mom! I hope you have a great weekend getting all caught up. Still can't wait to see some camp out photos.

Anonymous said...

We have a car mat from lowe's that we love. They sell several ranging from $15-$20.

P.s. I am a fan of U! Hope you have a lovely day Marta.

Miranda said...

Goodness I love this list! Thanks for the link...I certainly believe in spreading the word on how to eat a cupcake.

We got married on a Thursday too!

I saw those plates in pin form on Bainbridge Island. I think I bought like, six of them.

Hannah said...

We were married on a Thursday as well!

Lovely list!

Molly said...

I have a girlfriend that taught me that cupcake trick a couple of years ago, but for some reason it kills me to "ruin" the pretty icing that way!!!!

Nessa said...

I love your weekly list!!

Thank you and have a nice weekend.

julie @ shorts and longs said...


I love, love your blog - as a former Boisean, especially. I get to live vicariously and keep experiencing all my fave parts of the Treasure Valley. Thank you for such a great blog! And I love that you got married on a Thursday. Perfect.

- Julie @ shortsandlongs.net

Rachel Swan said...

love those scout stamps for the newly called scout master in our household. he would make fun of them for awhile, but secretly love them...

ArgyleStyle said...

I am a fan of you and your blog!! I re-discovered it after a computer crash and losing all my favorites, so it's been great to sit down and pour through the backlog I've missed. Can't wait to hear about the new nail polish shade that you're a fan of, been wanting to try something new.

JJB said...

I love those postcards, too. I have the series hanging in my guest bathroom: http://dancingcommas.blogspot.com/2009/02/theres-museum-in-my-house.html

Alisha Stamper | Photographer said...

oooh! really like those balloon portraits!

teresa said...

am a fan of...marta :)

I love your blog. You make me smile and think. And both at the same time! Incredible.

Mique (as in Mickey) said...

Marta- I'm obviously WAY behind but wanted to say thank you so much for the link to me. ;) You are too sweet. And I feel honored to be a part of your "am a fan" link up- thank you, thank you. xo, Mique

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