08 September 2010

birthday box and party supply kit

having party supplies on hand and packed altogether in a box makes a celebration much more fun for the hostess. i like knowing exactly where to put those slender candles and cute cupcake papers i purchased on clearance. finding odds and ends and imagining them at an upcoming party is the joy of hosting an event. here is a peek at two supply kits i've created.

the birthday box
a celebration banner, an assortment of candles, pretty baker's twine, leftover mini pinwheels from my son's first birthday, chinese lanterns, a party hat from this etsy shop (i requested no age number so i can re-use it), balloons, a 3D carousel made of paper which my parents brought back from europe. i think it will be brilliant on a round layered cake someday. not pictured; cupcake papers, colorful sprinkles, and small favor boxes. lots of goodies found here.

outdoor party supply kit
my mom always has games and activities at the ready for her grandkids, i thought i may as well continue the tradition for my own kids! a large supply of bubble elixer and an inexpensive bubble machine (this one works great and is seven dollars at target), sidewalk chalk, streamers, paint pail, cheap paint brushes and a jug of water for 'painting' on cement, and a few garbage sacks. not pictured; picnic tablecloth, small hooks for holding down tablecloths (available at party stores), wet wipes, scissors, and a bag of lollipops for sharing.


martifife@hotmail said...

Such great ideas! Thank you Marta. Can't wait for campout pictures
Would LOVE you to post the printable monthly calendars again....miss them! Love them.....need them:)

Kelli said...

I LOVE the idea of the birthday party box because I am always losing the candles and things from year to year. This is perfect!!!!

Emily said...

What a cute idea! Maybe one of these days I will get organized enough to make one.

Pink Panda said...

Love it!

summer said...

cuteness. your organization is to die for. i am in love with the carton of sidewalk chalk. and those cheery pinwheels. and bubbles! now you really are brilliant. at preschool i learned that bubbles are pure magic to anyone under 5.

Miranda said...

Goodness I do love a good container full of stuff. I do something similar only I organize my party stuff by color, "pink party," "green party" etc. Then I can mix and match depending on the color scheme. I like the idea of keeping your cupcake wrappers in there though...I hadn't thought of that!

Phoenix Peacock said...

bubble machines are the greatest!

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