24 September 2010

am a fan

am a fan of mini chocolate chips in my cookies these days.
am a fan of photo books from tinyprints.com. i recently ordered one and am delighted.
am a big fan of erin, my longtime friend's new website. it is full of inspiration and spirituality. 
am a fan of such a cute imaginative way to say i love you.
am a fan of barbeque and bluegrass and this beautiful announcement by moontree.
am a fan of this bookshelf tree. in fact it is on my dream house wish list.
am a fan of cardigan weather. along with warm breadsticks and soups on the menu.
am a fan of revamping and rebranding. just ordered new business cards! am pretty excited.
am a fan of writing down creative ideas that must await patiently on the back burner.
am a new fan of miss mindy gledhill. i heard her song anchor and wanted to hear more.
am a fan of craft lovely; colleen posts the best finds. (she even mentioned the penpal project here.)
am a fan of this new-to-me foodie blog, ourbestbites.com. mmm. mm.
am a fan of the felt and wire shop; browse all kinds of designer paper goods. am in love.
am a fan of rummeybears. a charming look into this baby's life. leaves me baby hungry.
am a fan of the entire recent boden catalogue. this skirt was a birthday present to myself.
am a fan of fresh television. did you see jon stewart on oprah? and this kid dancing on ellen?
am a fan of toasted buttered bagels with a side of homemade applesauce
am a fan of pugley pixel and her awesome free clip art layouts.
am a fan of discovering new lovelies like hooraydesign and elephantine and upon a fold.
am a fan of taking a walk as a trio to see the horses in the pasture down the lane.
am a fan of pointing out mailboxes and smelling flowers with benji while we walk.
am a fan of jotting little messages for neighbors on our penpal postcards.
am a fan of anticipation; carving pumpkins, holiday traditions, a slice of birthday cake.
am a fan of my twenties; a bit hesitant about turning twenty-nine, the final year of twenty-ness.
do tell, what do (did) you love about being in your twenties? please tell me the fun has just begun.

happy friday, everyone.


Anonymous said...

i'm a fan of almost all of these - especially the chocolate chip cookies & rummey bears. love them!

and a happy friday to you, too

Jamie said...

I'm now a fan of a few more of these things, thanks for the heads up.

I loved my 20's, but honestly, they were nothing compared to the bliss I found in my 30's.

Anonymous said...

My 20's were wonderful, but nothing beats being in my mid-40s. Gets better and better each year! The best is (indeed) yet to come :) Enjoy!

tawnya said...

Twenties were fine, but once you get to your 30s? You become much more aware and yourself. It's a crazy phenomenon that actually holds true.

CAC muffin said...

OH MAN I am in LOVe with that tree bookshelf! Its AWESOME!

Hannah said...

Love your fan lists. So many pretty things in one place. Your cookies look heavenly.

Am nervous about entering my thirties as well. Must enjoy my last 2 years.

Christen E. Krumm said...

i love these i love lists!!! :)


Hannah said...

marta, what a fabulous list! thankyou for so much inspiration : )

Lila said...

I love love love your am a fan posts! Thanks, Lila

Kate @ Our Best Bites said...

Awww, thanks for the shout out. And I found a few new things to be a fan of from your list. :)

Kathleen said...

I was nervous about entering my 30s, but woke up on my 30th birthday thrilled and elated. The 20s are about finding yourself and your way in the world. The 30s are about knowing yourself and celebrating that! (and growing still, of course). Have no hesitation nor fear-- the 30s are wonderful!!!

Erin@mamaswhoknow said...

Thanks for the shout out Mart!

Hope your b-day is fabulous.

Megan @ Chicago Girl said...

I have to agree with the Boden autumn collection. I just bought two great shirts from them.

summer said...

ooh la la. another marvelous list! these are always something i look forward to.

okay, that anchor song. already played like 10 times. love it. thank you, marta! i was listening to some of her stuff a few weeks ago, but i had never heard this perfect song before. yay.

and rummeybears! i was sucked in.

happy weekend with company, miss marta!

Johanna said...

I hope you have a fabulous birthday Marta. Did you know that we share the same birthday and the same age! That makes me like you even more (even though I would like you just the same no matter what).
So happy birthday to us and to Will Smith :O)

"Did you know that I share a birthday with Marta from Marta Writes? I think that makes my love for her that much more special. Oh and also I share a birthday with Will Smith, my childhood crush. Just thought I'd share that with you. "

leni said...

i'm 27 and i'm wishing i could just fast forward to 30 where i will be set in a career and be able to build my family. right now, it's a lot of education and bills. i just want to start my career, create our family and build a home. but to answer the question, i love that they're almost over. i love that during my educational experiences i have been able to make some amazing friends and learn several life lessons. undergrad is also where i met my fiance and grad school is where we started dating. i wouldnt trade those years for the life of me, but i'd like to fast forward to the point in life where we have a house, job and little one.

Travelin'Oma said...

You are just starting the fun---I didn't even have you until I was 32!

A'n'G Johnson said...

mmm. chocolate chip cookies. cutest thing = today I had to "teach" my 30 year old friend how to make them, she had NEVER made cookies from scratch in her life - hard to believe, I know. She was so proud of herself!

alli/hooray said...

Oh yes, chocolate chip cookies and the latest Boden catalog - love!

PS. thanks for your sweet message yesterday + for including my little blog in your list. Nice to meet you!

Unknown said...

I still have a little less than 2 years left, & though I certainly don't want to wish time away, I'm not against turning 30. ;) I know that there will be a lot of exciting things in the next decade of my life- babies, buying our first home, my hubby finishing 3 degrees & I'll (hopefully) get to stay home with those future babes! Until then, I'll find & make my own joy. Happy birthday Marta!

Shboogoo's Mommy said...

I'm a fan of your blog! And your mom's! You've inspired me to organize my craft room. I recently turned 29; I think I'll be fine with turning 30. Forty sounds a lot older, though.

Lisa from Toronto said...

Oh Marta -- I don't think I've ever commented, but have to say, your 30s will be amazing. It's been my favorite decade so far! Thanks for all the joy you've brought to my life with your writing and your optimism.

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