23 September 2010

celebrating reader's choice

five more of your favorite posts...

• the one featuring the tale of our very first date.
• the alice in wonderland party that my niece dreamed up.
• the yoga book my amazing cousin created for me.
• my 2010 resolution list
• the one where i wrote a valentine to nora ephron, the author.

image source unknown via tumblr.com


tawnya said...

The yoga book post immediately went into my idea book. It's just so clever and PERFECT. I've been working on one for me all summer.

Erin said...

Oh, I love the valentine to Nora Ephron one! Looking forward to a re-read...

summer said...

first date is one of my favorite favorites. (of which there are many around here, but i still ADORE this one!)

and the resolution list.. i read and re-read it. (and i climbed on board the sewing one with you.) i've learned to look forward to holidays with you, marta. and lists, of course.

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