02 September 2010

birthday party part II: monkeys at play

the birthday boy's favorite playground was the scene of his two year old party. thanks to the awesome equipment, the kids loved it. i love it became of the large shady tree. here party guests are enjoying snacks in the shade on a hot august day.
blankets, bubbles and a crate of balls made the kids feel welcome.

i intentionally put the refreshments on a small table, at kid level. the kids were happy to come and go as they pleased. the simple finger friendly menu included: grapes cut into tiny bunches, individual packets of graham crackers, drinks and cream cheese brownies from our favorite local bakery.

one bucket held cold juices, another for icy bottles of water. the buckets later came in handy to collect garbage at the end of the party. the kids thought hunting for wrappers was actually fun.

the favorite activity of the day were the packages of sidewalk chalk and small pails of water with paintbrushes. the children were delighted to concoct the two supplies to create their own paint for sidewalk art. so creative. they seemed to work together to create a giant colorful mural. thanks to brittany of one charming party and my mom for helping me dream up easy outdoor party ideas.

we brought along a few sturdy trucks and favorite cars to push around.

i've discovered that every little boy loves playing with cars.

the kids entertained themselves while parents relaxed for awhile.

the children (even the older ones) loved the big bunch of balloons. while things were winding down, i grabbed ahold of them and the little ones followed me like a marching parade. i told everyone to sit on the long bench for a photo op. i am pretty excited we got a snapshot of all the little party guests at once! a perfect print to send with thank you notes and a very happy memory for benji. since i'm sure he will need to be reminded about his awesome first and second birthday parties. the event lasted a few hours and with helpers, it was a super quick and easy cleanup. we loaded everything into my car, including one sleepy boy, and drove home at noon. just in time for naps. 

a very happy birthday, indeed.

stay tuned, next week i'll list the contents to help you create your own outdoor party supply kit and celebration birthday box of your own. two very handy kits to have around when a party pops up.

missed part one? see benji's party invitations & favors here.


Emily said...

What a cute bunch of kiddos and an adorable party!

Marisa said...

Looks like a fun party! I can't help thinking how lovely it is that the playground structures matched your color scheme. :)

Hil said...

We totally missed out on the party of the year! What a fun time, and that picture of all the kids is just adorable. So glad Benji had a happy birthday!

Krista said...

such great ideas for little toddler boys! i'm gonna have to be a copy cat and remember this for sid's 3rd! thanks for sharing

Emily Marie said...

I love this! What a fantastic idea, and I love the picture of all the kids. What a keepsake!

Miranda said...

These pictures make me so happy. Absolutely fantastic. I'm so impressed that you were not only able to entertain so many kids (bless you, great outdoors!) but that you got them all in a photo! The idea for sending them with thank-you's is brilliant.

ag. said...

This looks like such an awesome party! I wish I had parties with that many friends and funs stuff when I was younger! Glad they are such easy ideas to recreate!

Dave said...


Slow down. You'll have nothing left for his third. Looks like a lot of fun. Congratulations.

KJ said...

it was a delightful shindig. and i'm still soo sorry.

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