22 September 2010

celebrating reader's choice

this week i'll be featuring fifteen favorite posts from this past year.
i hope you'll enjoy reading them a second time around too.

• finding the guts advice for boldness from my blogging heart to yours. 
• the one after i turned 28, featuring a few country family portraits.
• project thankful featuring all of your awesome thankfulness comments. 
• blogging zen tips on finding balance in blogging & life.
• the cd sleeve a simple tutorial for your favorite mix cds.

image unknown via tumblr.com


Andrea said...

Thanks for reposting. I am relatively new to your blog and so will be reading these for the first time. I just read blogging zen and found it inspiring, I'm new to blogging myself and have found it quite addictive! I'll read the other 4 during other self appointed work breaks.

Caroline said...

Can't wait to read them again!! XO

Christen E. Krumm said...

YAY! i loved the thankful posts :) (well all the posts really...)


summer said...

the one.. i remember it so well. those pictures were (are) unbelievable.

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