24 September 2010

celebrating reader's choice

five more of your favorite posts...

• my basic photography tips
• the one featuring my own craft closet and home office organizing tips.
• the blog & business workbook my first e-book, printed and tickled pink.
• the one when it was April and still snowing and i sulked and drank hot cocoa.
• blogging & jealousy the post i was nervous to write but am so glad i did.

image unknown via tumblr.com

thanks for celebrating with me this week!


Stacy Hart said...

happy birthday! :)

Lisa said...

Oh my god, what a WONDERFUL picture!

It's your birthday?? Happy birthday!!

Cass said...

Those balloons! gads!
Love all your links ... I am a fan of your 'am a fan'!

Abby said...

Happy Birthday Mart! Hope you're having a great day!!!!

Mrs. JM said...

dear marta,
i just wanted to let you know that i have been a silent reader for a very long time. i love your work. just wonderful!

your fan.

Strange Beauties said...

oooh! Love this! The photo tips are especially great. I turned my flash off yesterday with brilliant results! Thanks.

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