01 October 2010

octoberfest friday.

happy october! i am excited about the newness of october. i finished up a huge project yesterday (yay, i barely met the deadline!), finally upgraded my software to Adobe CS5 (hooray! although i must warn you, never upgrade your whole life while in the midst of a giant project. silly me. i am the queen of taking the long road.) anyway i have some big plans for crafting up a storm in the next few weeks. not to mention, some serious family togetherness this weekend. 

we have been milking all this lovely weather. i literally watched leaves tumble from the trees at the park yesterday while the warm summer-like sun was beating down on me. on the way to the car, b picked up a few yellow leaves to take home. talk about best of both worlds. am counting my lucky stars for every park day we get. 

after reviewing the reader requests from my blog poll last week (thanks for voting), i realize the majority of you would prefer a lot more DIY Downloads from me. which i think is mighty cool and will force me to get my craft on. so i've come up with a plan to please. i will be offering an original download design each month for an itty bitty price.

the october download is a pdf. file for halloween gift tags for only two dollars! they are set up to print twelve tags on a classic, letter sized paper. of course, you'll be able to print out as many as you'll need and save the file for future use! these tags have been a bestseller in years past, so i thought it would be fun to feature them as a do-it-yourself download. simply print them out on cardstock and cut into gift tags (circles or squares or even pumpkin shapes) and tie to party favors or spooky surprises. see for yourself what stephmodo crafted up with my scalloped halloween tags for her adults only halloween party. such a swanky affair!

please note, the monthly downloads will only be available via my blog, not in my shop. click the link below or the image on my sidebar to purchase the download. once payment is made, an email will deliver a direct link for you to download my design. happy haunting.

click here to purchase the boo-tiful two dollar download.

a few more festive features for friday...
• thanks to hannah at sherbet blossom for including me in her may i suggest series. i'll be putting my two cents in every friday in october, suggesting tried and true things i can't get enough of.
dressing on the side is having a huge buy one get another free sale, today only. i love their tees.

• and another thank you to kim at LDW magazine for featuring my home office and craft station. 
• if you're a harry potter fan, you'll want to tune in to oprah today. she's interviewing j.k. rowling!
• happy friday. next week i'll give you a sneak peek at crafts for our upcoming boutique.


Nicole said...

Why would you charge for this? I could simply open a word document and do this myself. This use to be one of my favorite blogs. Sorry, Marta, this turned me off.

Like they say in the blog world - it is your blog, blog as you please.

katrina lauren said...

great tags marta....a fun & easy idea to spruce up treat bags! we also have been getting warm sunny days and a big walk at the park has been on the agenda every chance we get.....i can't get enough of it!
happy october

marta said...

nicole, i'm sorry such a little thing turned you off. like any craft, these are for people who can't or don't want to make it themselves.

Unknown said...

Marta . .I just found your blog through 6th street and am smitten! I love it. Not sure where to begin! Can't wait for naptime when I can really dive in. I am your newest follower.

Raejean said...

Thanks for the introduction to Latter Day Women! I shared your find on my Favorite Friday Feeds.

Hannah said...

I think at $2, your darling download is a bargain.

Thanks for participating in May I Suggest!

Miss L said...

I am really excited about this download!!! Looking forward to more in the future!

Nicole said...

You know what, Marta, I feel terrible for the yicky comment I made on your wall regarding the $2 downloads. It was a bad morning and goodness knows why I posted a message that held so much negativity in your beautiful space. I apologize a million times over.

Have a lovely Saturday.


Janet Dillon Robinson said...

How fun! I just might have to get this download!! :)

swell.life said...

mmm...my mouth is watering for halloween candy already and the month is young!

really looking forward to your boutique sneak peak (how poetic!). i would love to pull something like that together in my neck of the woods!

swell.life said...

p.s. i give you props on your gift tag downloads. they are darling and i for one could not easily make these myself!

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