03 November 2010

get excited.

i am kicking off this festive season with goodies for christmas (and thanksgiving) tomorrow in the mini mart. please shop while supplies last! due to a design deadline and other real life responsibilities (motherhood, housework and laundry to name a few), this will be the final shop re-stock of the year (my early attempt for a stress-free holiday).

recently i've been editing and revising my favorite blog posts for my latest big idea. have you ever re-read your old posts? some i loved and didn't change an iota. the others needed a bit of tweaking. i realize i start a lot of sentences with the word and. and most of my sentences are completely non-sentences. i appreciate you readers more than ever now that i've realized some of the crazy writing structure i see you've been dealing with these past four years. way to overlook my flaws. i've cringed more than once, but am so glad they're all fixed up (while their essence definitely remains) and spiralbound in a new simple book layout. i hope you will enjoy it, it's been a labor of love. 

thanks for your support! see you tomorrow, i'll be wearing a scarf to celebrate.

p.s. i've created an official christmas is coming list of inspiring ideas from years past. find it on my sidebar. hopefully it will come in handy when you are in need of a quick holiday craft or stocking stuffer! and just you wait, i have a boatload of newish holiday ideas waiting in the wings.

this picture was snapped a few years ago on christmas day.


Hannah said...

My posts could definitely use a bit of tweaking as well. Oh my goodness. I feel embarrassed to even reread them.

Your posts in a book? Sounds like a fantastic idea to me.

Anne said...

I have really enjoyed your blog the last few months. So glad I found you! One of the things I would love to see you do for the holidays is a list of holiday songs your ipod cannot live without. What are your fav's? What new ones have you discovered? What are your readers listening to for the holidays?
Am a loyal fan in MN! Thank you!

black tag diaries said...

marta... i adore reading your blog... i love the honesty and vulnerability, not to mention a few creative projects:) have you ever read the book 'bird by bird' by anne lammot? i'm not a writer, but this book inspired me to try to jot my thoughts down more... i think you would really enjoy it. thanks for inspiring!

carla thorup said...

i love your holiday posts... and am stoked for christmas around these parts. i book marked your stocking stuffer ideas before, b/c they were spot on!

summer said...

hooray! definitely excited over here.

Claire said...

My name's Claire and I just want to say: I read your words every day.
More often than I read almost anything else, I read the things you post here in your place. I've continued this habit for more than two years now.

So thanks.
I wouldn't keep coming back if I wasn't completely intrigued by your life. Ha!

Thanks for being interesting.
And describing it so well in writing.
I think you're cool.

Amy said...

and i'm excited! :)

kh said...

oh how i love your photo. makes me wish i lived in a place that gets snow.

*Dream Weaver* said...

I have this small poster behind my bedroom door that reads, "Christmas will be here before you know" with Santa and his merry reindeers flying in the sky above the snow covered rooftops and YAY!!! Christimas really is on the way.

Will definitely try to do some crafty things this Christmas :)
thanks for the ideas.

Johanna said...

I adore your Christmas posts and was so excited to see that on your side bar. Yay! And are you thinking of making a book out of your blog...I'd be one of the first in line to purchase one.

JustMe said...

I am VERY EXCITED about this... I'll be "staying tuned"! :))

Jen Holtkamp said...

love the christmas links on your sidebar!!! -jen

Cassie said...

I re-read my posts before I returned to my blog after my recent pro-longed break and I really cringed at some of the old ones, so I really admire you for reworking your old ones.

Can't wait to see your new ideas for the festive season and I absolutely adore that photograph - just perfect!

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