19 November 2010

leaves on my wall and something awesome this way comes.

i pressed these leaves in a book and taped them to my wall for a cheap fall display. nothing says november more than giant crinkly leaves and striped masking tape.

wishing you all a very happy thanksgiving preparedness weekend. we're gearing up for one of our favorite road trips of the year. (if you'll be traveling this holiday, brush up on my tried and true road trip tips!) i'll be hunting down a good book on tape, packing craisins and pretzels into little baggies with a cooler full of clementines and peppermint crunch jr. mints (i am a sucker for holidayish candy). i am hoping to grab a fun glossy magazine, a cozy sweatshirt, and a nap on the drive. i also intend to bring along the official christmas cards, postage stamps and address list. we'll see if i get to them.

i've scheduled posts throughout next week (including hostess gift ideas and a super simple sweet recipe to whip up while the bird is cooking), so be sure to pop in if you're interested.

most importantly, i have some super exciting news to share. i am thrilled about an explosively awesome opportunity coming up. i was going to announce it after thanksgiving, but i simply can't keep hush hush about this. stay tuned. my not-so-secret secret will be revealed next week!


holtkamp said...

i love your wall design...simple, elegant and lovely! :)

Hil said...

I love the leaf idea, it looks adorable in your apartment... so creative. I hope you guys have a wonderful road trip!

And.. I'm super excited for your exciting news!

house of 7 said...

me too! can't wait for the news!

dandee said...

Oh, I love a good road trip. Especially in the fall. Enjoy your holiday, dear Marta.

Stephanie said...

Have fun on your road trip. I have so many great memories from all the family road trips of my childhood.

Cassie said...

We are off on a seven hour journey tomorrow so I have just popped back and read up on your tips - thank you.

I can't wait now to hear your excited secret either!

sweet & lovely crafts said...

Your positivity is infectious! Can't wait to read all about your secret next week.

Rachel said...

I love that simple tape-leaves-to-the-wall idea!

And I *wish* I could read a magazine and enjoy our roadtrips from the passenger seat while taking photos out the window, but alas, my darling husband gets sleepy on roadtrips so I am the all-time driver! :-)

Misti said...

Love the leaves! I've been walking around in the forest for my job for the past month or so and there are so many colors to look at littering the ground.

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