15 December 2010

am a fan > holiday edition

am a fan of touring your christmasy homes. amanda joy has simple and stunning ideas.
am a fan of experimenting with hot chocolate. these gourmet cocoa recipes look delisch.
am a fan of smiling when i see a creative idea. this pretty pinata took my breath away!
am a fan of my caldrea soap caddy (my fave is citron ginger). it's my favorite thing at target.
am a fan of green-friendly ideas. check out this classy paperless way to send season's greetings.
am a fan of clever posters. i want to get this one for dan, this one for a friend (and this print for me).
am a fan of summer's granola. it's definitely famous in our household.
am a fan of cathie's lovely cursive. her holiday rubber stamps are so charming.
am a fan of these folksy colorful babushkups and a neat bff photo album.
am a fan of mini favor boxes with bows. they are too cute for words.
am a fan of stocking stuffer ideas, especially useful and quaint. like this, this, and this.
am a fan of snipping, folding and stringing paper snowflakes. thank you, jess.
am a fan of eating a snowman sugar cookie and watching conan while blogging.
am a fan of awesome calendars. this chalkboard one would be so much fun.
am a fan of singing the alphabet with my boy, these would be perfect for him.
am a fan of christmasy crafts. check out this list if you need more ideas.
am a fan of thoughtful gifts; a jar of love notes would keep on giving.
am a fan (and sucker for) silver charms. i just love this one, this one and this one.
am a fan of browsing charms for friends who might like this, this, this, this, this, and this one.
am a fan of tucking christmas cards into envelopes. oh so many choices this time of year.
am a fan of vintage sheet music, especially when sewn into a pretty paper garland.
am a fan of this polka dot paper snowstorm too. i dream of garlands galore.
am a fan of joy's gift guides. i hope hope hope to meet her this january at ALT.

stay tuned, more holiday how-to's will debut this week.

currently playing in my house: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer / Jack Johnson


jeanette from everton terrace said...

I just got lost in the hot chocolate post - nutella? Oh I may have spent a few minutes in heaven thinking about it!

julia said...

marta, have you seen www.portablenorthpole.tv? you little boy will be amazed!

Hil said...

love everything!! thanks for putting together such a great list!

talesofahummingbird said...

you are the master of fabulous finds - am ALWAYS a fan of your am-a-fan lists. perhaps my husband should just contact YOU directly for my christmas wish list. :)

whitney said...

did you make those tags in the picture?! i'm in LOVE with the stamp with the tree on top of the beetle. where can i get that?!!!

summer said...

LOVE. this is one loaded list, marta. those clever posters are too perfect for you & d. and thanks for the granola spotlight! you are too kind, my friend. those silver charms are the sweetest!

ps. got your darling smiling card in the mail last night- thank you, thank you!! i fell completely in love with the tree-topped beetle stamp.

hoopty doopty said...

Thanks for the lovely links. A lot goodness to spread. yay! X

Gina said...

Thanks for mentioning our fabric alphabet! I love all your other ideas too. What a fun list!


Jaimie said...

great list- thanks for sharing!

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