14 December 2010

how-to save past christmas cards

by Erin of Sunny Side Up

If you're like me, you love sending and receiving Christmas cards this time of year. But what do you do with all of those cards after the season is over? I didn't want to throw my cards away, but after realizing last year that my stash was getting out of control I knew it was time to come up with a solution. Here's an example of one way to preserve past Christmas cards.

1- Decide how many cards you want to keep each year. I decided that I would keep only enough cards to display on a two page 12x12 layout.

2 - Decide what color of paper to use and a way to display each year's date on your layout. I also chose to add a simple snowflake embellishment. Keeping it simple is key because you want to be able to duplicate the same look every year and you want your pictures to be the focus.

3- Cut the family pictures out of the actual Christmas cards.

4- Move the pictures around on your paper, creating a picture collage. When the layout looks the way you want it to, adhere your pictures to the paper.

I tried to use different families each year so that at one point I'll have pictures of everyone we receive cards from in my album. It's also fun to see some of the same families pictured every few years. The children grow and change so much!

I love to scrapbook so I've added these pages to our family's Christmas album. If you don't scrapbook, you could create a binder/album that is just for past Christmas cards. Your family will love looking through your album each December!

Stop by my blog today for a fun idea of what to do with your own family's past Christmas cards. Happy Holidays!

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Jen said...

I save cards in a little album, but I like this much better! I told my husband, people really do save cards and do things with him (when he griped about the price for something that he assumed others would eventually toss...)

Becki@Just The Three of Us said...

Love this idea Erin! Your pages are so pretty. I do something similar but just one 12x12 page and I display it for a year in a
12x12 frame and then put in our Christmas scrapbook. To see go here:

Erin said...

So fun doing a how-to on your fabulous blog Marta! Thanks again for having me over. It has been so nice to finally "meet" you. :)

Colleen said...

This is a fabulous idea! I could never bear to throw them away but did not know a creative way to keep them. Thanks!

Sarah said...

what a great idea! i always hate to toss out the cards, but never really know how to store them... clever, clever!

Melissa said...

This is a project on my list for when the kids are grown. ;) I have years of photos. I have a couple of albums ready to go, but haven't made the move to do it. Thanks for this great idea.

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