09 December 2010

custom business card design for charity.

mark your calendars for a worthy cause.
saturday, december 11th through the 13th.

a wonderful online auction is being held for jenny, a woman who is fighting breast cancer. i went to high school with her daughter, melissa, who has put her whole heart into making this happen. i am grateful to be involved. i will be offering a custom business card design, created to suit the needs of your business. for those of you who run a household instead of a business, we can create a cool calling card with your contact information and blog url. those are always awesome to have on hand too. saturday, you can place your bids right here. thank you.

stay tuned next week for my version of a gift guide, stocking ideas, and a super simple craft.

currently playing in my house: Christmas is All Around / Billy Mack

1 comment:

the sleepy time gal said...

what a great idea. and i love your blog.. and your design.

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