06 December 2010

favorite things party

to get us in the gifting spirit, amber at givers log has been featuring a festive favorite things party. i am delighted to be among her blog guests posting about one of my favorite things. (it really is something i'd give to all of you crafty entrepreneurs in blogland if i could this christmas.) of course her website is bursting with great gift and wrap ideas all year long, this season is no different.

p.s. today i've made plans to toy around with some gold spray paint in my workshop.
any advice for a novice like me?

currently playing in my house: Hark! the Harold Angels Sing / Carrie Underwood


Destri said...

Use a big card board box...it's my only life saver when it comes to spray paint! just rip off one side. We are playing with white and red today, good fun. I love spray painting...instant gratification!

Have fun!

Cassie said...

I have to agree - big cardboard box is what I use everytime and have used this idea outside with children in school too for safety reasons.

Love to hear what you are spraying gold - foliage/doilies???


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