27 January 2011

ALT recap > blogging advice for everyone

the closing keynote speaker for the conference was tina roth eisenberg aka the brilliant, the clever, the graphic designer swiss miss. (i know this is old business if you were twittering with ALT. all the craziness of twitter makes my head spin. in a happy sort of way.) here are her glorious lists of advice. let me just say, she was monumental. so good at what she does. i loved how she shared her story to blogging stardom and then shared great advice. simple and honest. i appreciated that her counsel was applicable to everyone in the room. she is a wise bird, and funny too.

RULES I BLOG BY by swiss miss
1. Always credit your sources.
2. Respect the reader. (too many blinking ads are disrespectful, be relevant.)
3. Keep it light. (make your blog a happy place.)
4. Blog with the right intentions. (amen. we touched on this in our own panel..)
5. Images / images / images. (rely on quality pics.)
6. Find your place and know it. (what makes you and your blog shine?)
7. There is such a thing as blogging too much. (point taken.)
8. Be personal and approachable. (personal posts matter..)
9. Know what not to blog about. (oh so true.)
10. Think beyond the blog. (yes and more yes.)

THINGS I'VE LEARNED by swiss miss
1. Nobody can tell you what's best for you.
2. Surrounding yourself with smart people is key.
3. Don't just talk. Do it. / If it fails, move on.
4. Be kind and generous, it comes back to you.
5. Your enthusiasm and your integrity are your biggest assets.
6. It is possible, think big!
7. Everyone needs an "inspiring aunt." (put your best creative self out there.)

i loved how she talked about being a go-getter, being bold. create your own solutions to problems that arise. trust your instincts and to be passionate about your projects, not money hungry. she also said, with a big audience comes great responsibility. thank you for sharing your wisdom swiss miss.

tons more fabulous ALT recap posts listed here.
gain all the advice and insights for free. yay.


lemondropdreams said...

THANK YOU for all the helful info. Thanks for sharing with the one's who couldn't make it to ALT!

the Hawks said...

Great insight!!

{natalie} said...

i am glad you had such a great time. i would have loved to come hear you speak. maybe next time.

ps i don't think you blog too much

Jaimie said...

thanks for sharing!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

These are all worthy tips to keep in mind. Thanks for posting.

Miranda said...

Oh Marta, I feel like you are spoiling us with these detailed recaps! Thank you so much!

angi said...

Thank you, thank you for sharing!! I'm so inspired by you and the many other bloggers you've written about in your ALT recaps posts.

Catherine at Design Editor said...

I love this. Thanks for passing on the wisdom!

swell.life said...

oh marta, this is the best. my heart is aching just a little bit to have missed out on such an epic blogging event!! your recap is the best--thanks for highlighting some really inspiring thoughts!

Travelin'Oma said...

I love the idea of an audience = responsibility. Great tips!

Marisa Seguin said...

Such great advice from such an amazing blogger. Thanks for sharing!

Laura Trevey said...

Thank you for sharing the inspirational tips and advice!

All so true ~~

from mel said...

i am LOVIN' this, girl.
so helpful and such great tips.

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