27 January 2011

ALT recap > photo happy and a bit of name dropping

it is not so simple to describe what ALT was like.
perhaps my photos will give you a glimpse of the amazing experience.

+ melanie & me. the panel rooms, full of creative people. (not at all intimidating. eek.)
+ me & my brother pete meet up for a quick chat downtown salt lake city, i miss this place!
+ the darlings. danyelle from dandee designs. (her wooden business cards were my fave.)
kirsten from 6th street design school / kelly from design crush / danni from oh hello friend.

+ hanging out with new friends, oohing and ahhing over their cute stash of clothes. natalie has a very stylish blog, she works for DownEast. so darling, these girls are like china dolls. so tiny.
+ the kate spade party. meeting brooke white of american idol. why does she look so glamorous and i look so nerdy? (i told her i'd be glittering my glasses when i got home. then she let me try hers on. she was ├╝ber sweet and friendly.) uncanny how her lipstick matched her cute cardi exactly.
+ am starstruck about so many. ryan and cole from pacing the panic room / susan from freshly picked (benji loves his new moccasins. thank you, susan!) / gabby from design mom.
+ party pros. suann from simple song & hip hooray chit chat with the amazing sara and brittany from one charming party.

+ letterpress menus (and free note cards in our goodie boxes) by smock. never thought i'd be eating lunch with the lovelies liz and jordan!
+ keynote mondo and round table with joy and meg. seriously rad.

stay tuned for notes on what we talked about on our panel and what i personally took from the conference. like, i'm still not ready for twitter, no matter how cool it is. (lack of time!) and i'm okay with that.


Cassie said...

All looks totally fabulous! You don't look nerdy at all - you look just as fab as she does, especially with your new bangs! Look forward to hearing what you talked about on your panel too.

Looking through all the Alt images I am really yearning for cardigans in the colour of Danni's - they look gorgeous, don't suppose you know where she got them?

Marilyn said...

Marta, I'm pretty sure I've never commented here before, but I love your blog, especially your writing.

Danyelle is one of my very dearest friends, and I just love that you placed her in the category of "as nice as they seem." Because that's the truth. Danyelle IS as nice as she seems. I love her.

Thanks for pointing that out, and for offering your readers an inspiring place to visit!

dandee said...

Oh, Marta. You're a dear. Let's go back, shall we?

AmberLee said...

Marta, you are fabulous. And thanks for the dish. I could not wait to hop over and see what you had to say.

Love the pic of you and your brother, so adorable!

Hannah said...

Oh what fun! Thanks for the awesome recaps. I don't feel bad about not making it with your overviews.

Susan said...

sorry that i was sickie the whole time + couldn't play like i wanted to. so happy to finally meet you IRL. lets go back next year, k?

Unknown said...

so much fun!

and, great pics!

the Hawks said...

I totally agree about twitter. I can see where it makes sense but I'd still rather spend my time elsewhere.

Amanda said...

Thanks for giving us a little peek into the great time you had! you are so lucky!

Marisa said...

I feel like the last person on Earth to jump on the Twitter wagon. But I just can't do it. I can't add one more thing. Glad to know I'm not alone. :)

ali said...

Maybe the only thing better than Marta is Marta with bangs! LOVE.

Glad you had fun, friend.

katrina lauren said...

oh marta...it all looks like so much fun! you are adorable in your purple scarf and i love that you met up with your brother (i've got great brothers too ;o)
thanks for sharing your weekend adventure with us. i enjoyed the quotes and the blogging advice from swiss miss....lots to think about in these posts.

sheena said...

I am so very fascinated by this whole thing....it is THE perfect party!! Thanks for the recaps:)

marta you are too cute.

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