28 January 2011

ALT recap > glad my computer is permanently plugged into the wall and other personal insights

i know my current postage rate is way above average, i simply want to get it all out while it's still fresh in my mind. making up for lost time. i promised a detailed recap, i plan to deliver. here are some things i came to realize after the conference was all said and done.

tidbits learned.

+ i feel abundantly blessed for my support team, aka my family. dan loves being so involved with our son and is always on when i'm working. my parents are extreme cheerleaders, in every aspect. they are always applauding their children, i realize how lucky i am.

+ am feeling equally lucky to have consistent graphic design business, awesome clients and rad people who comment and validate my every thought. glad people want to read what i write. blogging is fulfilling in making real connections. the network and joy of blogging is very valuable to me.

+ i am okay being the small fish in the big pond. however i am so happy we all get to swim in the same waters. creative exchange is where it's at.

+ i loved seeing how kind and friendly and genuine all the big bloggers are. (i am so over referring to popular bloggers as big bloggers. we are all important. we shouldn't be valued by the number of subscribers, comments or followers we get.) i hung out with Ez of creature comforts and didn't even realize it until late in the game. i'm like, oh you are the gal who created Gifted magazine!?! wow. silly me. oodles of talent all around. soak in the creativity.

+ blogging is not a competition. stop comparing / forget stats and subscriptions. concentrate on content. make it fresh and interesting and unlike any others. there are plenty of beautifully designed blogs with no substance; tons of bloggers with nothing new to bring to the table. there is no sense in gauging someone's character solely on what their website looks like. (i am a graphic designer and take some risk in saying that.)

+ i am not the only one who overpacks my suitcase or worries about keeping up with my google reader and wonders if i'll ever get to browse all those pretty blog posts.

+ i am realizing that all those pretty blog posts are not real life. if i can't get to them, life will go on. i really don't need to know everything about everything. even if i wish i could.

+ i know twitter is amazing and facebook can open a lot of doors. (especially for those who want a booming business!! keep the conversation going, breed a new audience, plug products, etc.) social media is an incredible tool for entrepreneurs. but it's not for me; which is a sigh of relief. i am running a buzzing small business from home and am happy with the routine i've got going at the moment. i need to put first things first and second things second. my family is so precious to me; i don't want to blow away the moments of motherhood like dandelion seeds. (which, for me, means i'm so glad i don't have a traveling computer, nor internet on my phone. addicts like me need boundaries.) am giving myself permission not to do what everyone else is doing, no matter how tempting it is. don't quote me or anything. i may start twittering in ten years or so, with the same suspicious cautiousness of wearing skinny jeans. (long live jeggings. i totally get it now!)

+ i don't need to keep up with anyone or anything. i set my own pace. hoorah.

+ i can create the balance that i need. i attended all the panels with balance in their titles. i came away realizing that i am master of my own to-do lists. i can seize the art of scheduling. i can prioritize and tackle. i can let the rest fall away. no regrets. (no day but today. a little rent, the musical advice.)

+ be confident and smart and cheerful and happy. value what you do. life is too short.

+ speaking on a panel wasn't as scary as i thought it would be. especially when nice people come to meet you at the end.

+ you cannot do it all, be it all, have it all all at once. pick and choose what you want to focus on.

+ compliment others without hesitation / learn to take compliments too.

+ in a creative industry like this, business cards matter. i was blown away at all the efforts that went into the hundreds of calling cards handed out. i plan to step it up next time.

+ value your time. don't spread yourself too thin. make time for what you're passionate about. put your real effort into what you truly care about.

+ never copycat, only celebrate. use your own creative intuition.

stay tuned: take a look into my purse, one last recap post, another weekend roadtrip planned and a husband's birthday to celebrate. oh, and a pie to bake. suggestions welcome.


BusyB said...

Thanks for your recap of ALT. I am a new blogger and new to leaving comments. Being in my fifties with children grown, I am excited to write and share my knowledge, small though it may be. Thank-you to all you girls who inspire me to try this new media.

Christine said...

marta, i loved this post. thank you for the reminder that blogging is not a competition. we all need to hear that sometime, especially me. and three cheers for giving yourself permission not to do what everyone else is doing! i just jumped on the twitter bandwagon and it's overwhelming-- really difficult to draw boundaries! and like you said, addicts like us need boundaries :)

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

your advice is always among the best in the blogosphere, thank you so much Marta!

Heather Innusa said...

Thanks for sharing these great wisdoms! I started reading your blog a few weeks ago bec 'sassy sasha' linked to something you wrote about...basically blog kindness/realness. I loved it!

I started a (crafty) blog about a yr ago. I don't have many followers, but I was scared to do it & did anyway & that makes me proud of myself (overcame a fear - yay!). And, I just got my 1st seat on a DT at my LSS & a lot of it had to w/ my having a blog. Plus I've build a lot of relationships out here in blogland ;). I always leave comments. Something nice can always be said to someone!

Anyway, I appreciate what you do. I appreciate that your free with your insight & wisdom. And I I appreciate that you are so encouraging to us bloggers! Keep up the great work & God bless!

lily said...

amen to the bit about twitter and facebook. if you need it, you need it, but good for you for doing just fine without it. i'm with you. the bangs totally work, by the way...

Jeanna said...

Thanks, Marta, for sharing your insights from the conference. I may not have been at the ALT shindig or even be a blogger, but the kernels of wisdom are still applicable to my everyday life. You've given me some great ideas to ponder.

Nella Design Studio said...

reading all your posts on ALT really has me wanting to go next year. I wish it were closer to me! Thanks for keeping us in the loop :)
As for a pie..try the southern standard..Derby Pie (It's like a big, gooey, chocolate chip cookie) YUM

Hil said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and what you learned from ALT. Such great stuff.

My husband is a pie guy, so we have tons of great pie recipes... including a banana cream that even this non-banana cream lover LOVES.

Staci Rocha said...

thanks for sharing your insights! you are an amazing blogger!

Never That Easy said...

I am so enjoying all your Alt posts: thanks for summarizing (with your own special spin) for those of us who couldn't be there.

Vanessa Rae said...

Marta You are so good at being you! I wan to print this post out and tape it up in my office. Thanks for sharing!

MT said...

Thank you for sharing all this. It's so helpful to read about the conferences since I've never been to one but might go someday.

I'm curious about google reader - what worries you? I do most of my blog reading that way and I do miss seeing the actual websites, but at least I don't miss the POSTS! I don't know if my readers get counted in my statistics if theyre reading in reader, though. (but you did say not to worry about statistics...)

I'm glad not everyone is jumping into twitter. I have little kids, too, and I just don't know how I would fit twitter into my day. And I've given up facebook, too.

Travelin'Oma said...

I love watching your posts happen. You came home from ALT days bubbling over with ideas and quotes. The sentences all ran together as you sorted through your thoughts at night.

By morning you had them organized into semi-conclusions that you tossed around all day.

Now you've taken what you learned, filed away the stuff that didn't apply, and mixed the very best into a personalized list. Perfect.

chloe said...

i love this post- thank you for sharing. sometimes i get scared to write how i want to but i am slowly realizing that is what makes it special- its all really coming from me

pie? banana cream pie for sure or grasshopper pie- beautiful and delicious

{natalie} said...

hi marta. i think it's funny you consider yourself a small fish. i think you are one of the "big bloggers" your blog is def one of my favorites.

have a great weekend.

Marianne said...

I follow several blogs and I have to say that Marta Writes is one of my new faves! Thank you for your uplifting insights.

Ali said...

Love reading your observations and thoughts after attending the conference. You've been inspiring me a bunch recently ;).

m said...

marta you make me feel good to be me.
totally inspiring .
miss seeing you.

pie you say?! lets talk.
my one thing with pie is it is always better the next day so make ahead and let the flavors sit.

and i love an all butter crust, the flavor is amazing.

SewSara said...

as always i just love you!

Jenni said...

For me your post sums up life, not just blogging. Thank you! I needed it!

Shannon said...

What's the saying? "The days are long, but the years are short." A good balance between motherhood and personal dreams and ambitions is such a blessing, and it sounds like you're finding that balance.

stephanie from texas said...

fantastic words of advice and encouragement Marta. thank you for that.
i would LOVE to see a post on the calling cards.

*pie~choc. buttermilk for gooey choc goodness or coconut cream yummy.

swell.life said...

this post speaks to me so much! (especially the part about the dandelion seeds...) your self-awareness and honesty are so refreshing marta! paired perfectly with your beautiful ability to write things down. am so dreaming/scheming to attend alt next year. i feel like i have so many dreams for my blog but can never seem to get around to implementing them...sigh. thanks for the wonderfulness!

shopgirl said...

Marta, as always...you have something wise and genuine and kind to say. Love reading your posts and you are right in all aspects...in my opinion anyways. It's truly a pleasure to be able to read about your thoughts and advice with blogging and life in general.

Wish I could have been there to listen to you and the other speakers! You are one of the great bloggers!

Senja said...

marta, your post has really inspired me - in making my priorities straight again, focussing on what's important. basically to simplify my life and to take care of what is important for me and how i can use the time i have best.

also, it made me realize that i am not the only one out there with an internet free phone.. :)

xo senja

hoopty doopty said...

bless you and thank you for sharing your thoughts about Alt. I hope to attend one day. would be great. i enjoyed the posts and photos and especially your personal voice about it all. (as your mum said ~ perfect)
you are always such an inspiration. X

Our Little Beehive said...

I book marked your ALT posts to read later and I'm so glad I did. I love the recap. And I too am a skinny jean convert who thinks Twitter is just not my thing. xoxo

Kayla Poole said...

I am just catching up on some blog reading now and absolutely adore this post. Really refreshing to read. I agree with your personal insights on so many counts.

Relatively new to your blog by the way, and an instant admirer :)

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