12 February 2011

a dozen things

01. a true friend is one who sees you at zumba and still talks to you afterward.
02. am so excited for the spring; sunny weather and vacations await!
03. thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments about what entices you to subscribe.
04. a few of you have sent in goodies for my new product review series. yay!
05. loved susan's beard collage. shout hooray if your hubby has/wants one.
06. strawberries and asparagus practically jumped into my grocery cart.
p.s. mini molten cakes w/ berries are so romantic for valentines. 
07. am loving my newly acquired kitchen textbook. i even took it to bed with me.
08. even though it's almost here, i still want to glitter my own valentine's banner.
09. i appreciate my mom sharing her battles with having baby blues and depression.
10. speaking of babies. this baby dress is the essence of endearing.
11. hooray for party ideas and a bingo game for the oscars next week.
12. are you dreaming of ham & egg crepe squares too?

bonus. a delicious treat to use up that valentine's frosting in the fridge.

twelve on the twelfth. your turn.


Ashley said...

That baby dress is gorgeous! I'm going to start knitting one for my little one this afternoon. Also thanks for sharing your mom's posts about depression. It's so nice to know that even the most "together" people have endured their blue periods too.

summer said...

no WAY. you have the america's test kitchen book?! you wouldn't believe how excited i got when i saw that, mart. they have the best of everything!! any faves that you've skimmed over so far?

and yes, i am dreaming of ham and egg crepe squares. and your mom's baby blues writing is so fascinating! i've been loving it.

Marisa said...

Asparagus and strawberries and beards? Hip hip hooray!!

Hannah said...

I hear Zumba is so fun. I'm completely uncoordinated and have get to muster up the courage to move it in public.

Asparagus. It is on my shopping list as well. It is a must-have for Valentine's Day.

And tat Kitchen textbook? I'm intrigued. I wonder if my local library has it...

Love your 12. Will be participating with pictures in the morning.

Carla said...

Thanks for the reminder on the Oscars! They are my fave - adore, adore, adore the red carpet. Alas, with two littles, I rarely get to the movies but I still love to watch.

mary elizabeth said...

hehe, the beard thing cracks me up! vince is sporting one this month -- he's so on trend, and doesn't even know it! :)

Anonymous said...

i love playing oscar night bingo...it has become a tradition for me and the girls i watch it with.

i loved your mother's honest writing. now I see where you get it...

happy saturday!

Our Beautiful Life said...

boo, i want my man to have a beard! he says they're not "appreciated" in his line of work. whatev.

cheers to honest moms!

Cassie said...

Love your take on 12 on the 12th!


Miranda said...

Okay. I've tabbed your post about what makes people subscribe so I can make my way through ALL THE comments!

Seriously. Can spring just get here already?

Your mom's posts are wonderful. Hooray for speaking up.

Christina said...

I saw those crepe squares when my everyday food mag came and am definitely wanting to try them! And I love ATK. Truly the best recipes all the time. I need to check out that book- I use The Best Recipe regularly.

Happy Valentine's Day, Marta!

Heather said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS: "a true friend is one who sees you at zumba and still talks to you afterward." - that is def. being made into a quote keychain/framed print for a friend or two ;)

Elise said...

He he he- in my case: a true friend is one who sees you at zumba and still gives you a ride home afterwards!! Love it.

Counselor Musings said...

I loved the comment about Zumba-some people do look really funny, but that can make Zumba all the more fun. I'm so excited for the Oscars, and am already planning my party!

brooke said...

Hey Marta,

I loved your ALT recap and the photo of you and your dad and your to die for bangs.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

#1 is so true! :)
I love reading about all the things you're doing--you're so inspiring! I'm hoping to make my own inspiration board sometime soon.

The Social Secretary said...

amen to number one! my friends and i just started and can't get over how ridic we look. love it!

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