10 February 2011

valentining side by side

attempting to style photos (if i can call it that) with a little assistant around can be a pretty impossible hilarious task. you have no idea how many of my blog pics have his little paws in them. benji spied these fruity sweets and marched right over and swiped 'em in the midst of his favorite morning cartoons. a bowl o' cheerios and something sweet for breakfast; sounds all too familiar.

one of my favorite things about valentine's is spreading the love via the mailbox. as is tradition, benji and i did some simple valentining together. i printed the hanging hearts template and he fingerpainted it with crayola watercolors. i cut the hearts out while he continued painting the tablecloth. (luckily we use an old holiday tablecloth made from oilcloth which is super perfect for wiping up spills–or picasso paintings–from arts and crafts projects.)

benji also spotted the cherry hearts in the bulk bins at our grocery store (my favorite aisle, as you know) and when he remembers them, he always requests two. two hearts. two is a very big number around here. i have so much to say about him these days, a devoted post is in the works.

valentining archives.
see last year's robots and benji's baby foot prints.
and just look how tiny he once was.

p.s. after baking cupcakes, sugar cookies, mint brownies (fancied up with pink filling and sprinkles on top) and eyeing heart-shaped candies all week long, dan and i are going on a serious no-sweets-around-here-anymore mission after monday. wish us luck.


Christie said...

Thank you for the cutest valentines ever! My kids went nuts and scratched the car ones for HOURS. It was awesome. Give Big B a hug from his Missouri cousins!

sarah said...

Oh, Marta. Everyday I am more and more convinced of what a doll you are!!! Making Valentine's with your baby... I need to do something like that with my Lucia. She is two. How old is Ben?


marta said...

thank you!

@sarah.. our benji is two and a half. i've found that two has been much more fun than expected. that goes for my thoughts on motherhood in general. xo.

Hannah said...

I'm on my second round of 12-weeks-without-sweets. You can do it! It feels so good. (I don't even put sugar in my cereal. No sugar in our house.) I have 4 more weeks on this round.

Your little one is adorable. I can't believe he is 2.

Miranda said...

So fun! We've been watercoloring like mad here onto blank sheets of paper. My plan was to cut hearts out of the watercolored paper and hang them from the ceiling. I suppose I should hurry up and do that since Valentine's day is Monday?

.caroline armelle. said...

so cute!

me and the kiddos are set to make some valentine's today as well..
this looks like a great idea!

Miranda said...

P.S. Do you just finger paint with regular water colors or do you have special water color finger paints?

Dansie Family said...

i think i'm going to convince P to do monster valentines via tangled adn true. not sure what E wants to do, but we better get cracking. last year we did mustaches and lip lolipops via family fun.

the baby pics of benji totally remind me of little M. I guess she's a dansie.

marta said...

@miranda, we have a classic set of crayola watercolor paints and we also have crayola fingerpaints (which we love). however this time we just dipped our fingers in the little paint set circles. leave it to a two year old to find an efficient method!

{natalie} said...

i just realized how close to valentine's day we are and need to get thinking. the painted hearts look perfect to me.

and i thought of you while discovering the bulk aisle at winco last week.

Amanda said...

What a great way for a little one to help with the valentines - I love the little fingerpaint smudges.

And I agree about the sweets overload. After a week of baking and frosting, I too am looking forward to post-valentine diet.

joy said...

How fun to create with your little one! Of course I will wish you luck with your sweet-strike, that would be our Everest.

Kimberlee said...

Just for the record, if I were Benji I would've taken the blue Fun Dip over the chewy hearts. Because there is nothing like a hard sugar stick covered in blue sugar granules with a side of extra sugar for good measure.

The hearts are adorable, Marta.

Cassie said...

Love the multi-coloured hearts - wonderful idea!

Hope your Valentine's weekend is full of frothy, heart-filled fun!

KJ said...

supreme cuteness

Kayla Poole said...

These are so beautiful! I am continuously amazed at how my preschoolers can paint "better" than me :)

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