23 March 2011

fifteen fill-ins | guest post by danyelle | dandee designs

fifteen fill-in-the-blanks by the inspiring and creative danyelle of dandee designs. danyelle is almost too good to be true; mama of five, crafter extraordinaire, inventor of cute ideas and designer with spot-on instincts. she is kind-hearted and a fast friend (and the first gal i forced a portrait with at ALT). danyelle kindly filled in the blanks to entertain you while i'm away playing hooky.

:: no matter what mood i'm in, i can always go for a: Handful of chocolate chips.

:: my favorite go-to outfit would have to be: jeans, colored tee, cardigan and TOMS. 

:: a good source of inspiration is: Martha Stewart Weddings. I'm not a wedding planner and I've been married for 12 years but I still find loads of inspiration within those pages. 

:: am so glad my parents taught me: to serve others. Growing up my mother was constantly doing kind acts of service for those around her. That is why I have this print hanging in my home. It reminds me of her and motivates me to look for opportunities to follow her example.

:: a song i like to dance to is: "Hey Na Na" by Katie Herzig.

:: i wish everyone knew about: Pinterest. It's the best way I've found to catalog all of those beautiful images I come across online.

:: the best thing in my makeup bag is: Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer. I'm a night owl. This concealer helps camouflage my dark circles in the morning.

:: my dream spring break vacation spot is: I have visions of my husband and I lying on a white sandy beach in the Bahamas. It doesn't get more dreamy than that, does it?  

:: this may be a surprise, but i am passionate about: Fingernail polish. Essie is my favorite brand. The formula is perfection and I'm sure there is no possible way you could convince me otherwise.

:: a favorite book that changed me for the better: The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom I love it more every time I read it.

:: one of my pet peeves is: Stickers on fruits and veggies. I'm not sure why, but before I can put away produce after a grocery shopping trip I remove all the stickers. Am I the only one?

:: my favorite daily ritual would have to be: Eating a bowl of cereal before bed. Most nights Ryan (my husband) and I plop into bed with our white latte bowls full of Life or Multi-grain Cheerios. Sometimes we read (and eat), sometimes we watch a show (and eat), and sometimes we talk (and eat!). It's a highlight of my day. 

:: i am trying to be better at: Patience. And reading more books than blogs.

:: the most recent rad thing i found online was: This pretty necklace from Elephantine. I have been thinking about it for a week. Does that mean I get to buy it? I hope so.

:: i can't live without: Watching my two year old hug + kiss his four siblings before he goes to bed every night. It's the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Ever.


Dana said...

It is so great that you have a routine with your husband everyday that you look forward to. My husband and I always try to walk the dog together before work, and it is great..except when it is raining!

res said...

I love the stickers on fruit! I love seeing where they come from. Maybe that's just me

Sarah said...

alright marta. loving the guest series but missing you!

Alisha Stamper said...

you are SO not the only one with the sticker thing on your produce. I hate it, too.


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