22 March 2011

fifteen fill-ins | guest post by nole | oh so beautiful paper

fifteen fill-in-the-blanks by the wonderfully talented nole of oh so beautiful paper. nole's website, oh so beautiful paper, was one of the first blogs i discovered and clung onto with dear life. she has sparkling taste in paperie, invitations and all the crafty things i crave. nole kindly filled in the blanks to entertain you while i'm splashing at the splashy park.

:: no matter what mood i'm in, i can always go for a: Good book and a bowl of pistachio ice cream.

:: my favorite go-to outfit would have to be: Jeans with a cardigan and striped shirt – I pretty much live in this combination every day, although I've been trying to wear more dresses lately. 

:: a good source of inspiration is: I love to just go for a walk around my neighborhood, particularly in the spring or fall when the weather is really beautiful. There's nothing quite like early spring in DC during cherry blossom season. But even when the weather is terrible, I'm lucky enough to live in an amazing city with tons of indoor museums – my favorites are often the ones a little off the beaten path, like the Asian art museum or the textile museum. 

:: am so glad my parents taught me: How to think for myself and make my own decisions. They're also incredibly creative people who gave me an appreciation for art and design, so I owe quite a bit to my parents and all the things that I inherited from them. :)

:: a song i like to dance to is: Anything 80s!

:: i wish everyone knew about: The joy of rosewater ice cream. It's sooo unbelievably delicious! 

:: the best thing in my makeup bag is: Mascara. I instantly feel more glamorous with pretty lashes.

:: my dream spring break vacation spot is: This isn't really a feasible spring break option, but right now I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of a trip to Bali. But I'd settle for a nice little jaunt to Hawaii or Mexico instead. :) 

:: this may be a surprise, but i am passionate about: Music. I grew up going to see my friends perform with their bands and driving all up and down the east coast for live shows. I've gotten a little away from it over the past few years, but I still really love music.

:: a favorite book that changed me for the better: Hmmm... I have a lot of favorite books, and this one isn't necessarily my top favorite, but I remember that Hemingway's A Moveable Feast was the first book that made me want to go out and explore the world. And I consider that a change for the better. :)

:: one of my pet peeves is: I absolutely cannot stand it when people refer to Africa as a country instead of a continent of 53 countries and 5 distinct regions – or even worse, when someone describes a language as "African." Drives me completely bonkers. 

:: my favorite daily ritual would have to be: My morning cup of coffee. Just can't start my day without it! 

:: i am trying to be better at: Getting on a regular sleep schedule. I'm a notorious insomniac.

:: the most recent rad thing i found online was: Oooh, I don't think there's any way I could pick just one!

:: i can't live without: Aside from my husband, our cats, and my laptop?  Sunshine!  I grew up in Florida, and I've noticed that I get really bummed out during the winter when the days get shorter and the skies are overcast.  I always look forward to the return of blue skies and flowers in the springtime.


And Kathleen said...

I adore Nole! And now I'm craving pistachio and rosewater ice cream. Yum.

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

Thanks for the little peek into Nole's life. She's such a sweetie, and I love her blog!

MZ said...

Two of my favorites together in one interview!

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