06 March 2011

write your story.

today i am teaching a lesson in church about writing personal histories. i think the universe is trying to tell me something. or more honestly, i know Heavenly Father is sending me a message. first, i get asked to speak on a panel at ALT about blogging personal stories. next i receive many vivid impressions to write; a mix of memories from my past have landed in my mind and i know i should write them down. i resist and resist and find other things to fill up my time. then i get asked to teach this lesson about recording personal histories. after more research, prayer and renewed enthusiasm, i want to write again. there are plans in the works to make writing more of a priority, but of course blogging about them will have to wait. among other things i am headed on a little vacation soon. i promise to take my notebook with me. maybe something good will come from those pages. in the meantime, if any of you need a little jump start on writing your life down, i urge you to do some reading (and then some writing).

• How To Write a Memoir by William Zinsser / read this excerpt to get hooked. (it is worth printing and highlighting and saving.) i mentioned his book on the panel at ALT and am thrilled to have discovered Zinsser by chance. i was hurriedly browsing the books on tape at my local library the day before i headed to utah for ALT. fate!! i love his style of teaching about genuine writing. i now want to read everything he has ever written.

• John H. Groberg, Writing Your Personal and Family History. this article is a great one to read if you wonder why you should start writing your personal stories.

• travelinoma.blogspot.com / my mom blogs about writing (she is in the process of being published!) and how to dive into telling tales from your past and your family's history. start here.

If You Want To Write by Brenda Ueland. / if you haven't picked up this book yet (one of my very favorites), after my years of mentioning (and raving about) it, i may question your judgement.

• remember the last time i got all excited to write? funny how things eb and flow.

more blogging about writing after my own personal version of march madness ends.

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etre-soi said...

what a wonderful post that really speaks to me. It has been years since I first started to put down to paper my personal story, it is a very hard work. Especially because I can't write everyday, sometimes I don't write for months and than one day I write for months everyday for several hours, it is painful but liberating.
Thank you for these links.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the links! Lovely tips.
Lovely photo as well. Happy Sunday xxxxxxxx


Jodi Ann said...

Thank you for posting those links. I have often thought about writing about my life as a mom of a special needs child and needed to hear just what you wrote today. I can't wait to read through some of the recommendations you linked to for inspiration. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and love your writing style!


Christina said...

Oh, Miss M- This was just for me! I just finished the Zinsser article and can't wait to start on the one by Elder Groberg. I actually taught a similar lesson about journaling a couple months ago. This is part of what I'm hoping to accomplish in my new blog- documenting at least one of the stories that has been one of the most life-changing to date. Thanks for the urge to keep going. The next installment of the dad story will be appearing soon!

Ardith Haws said...

I am a frequent reader and enjoy your writing style. This post jumped out at me thought, and begged for a comment from me. I related to everything you said. I have been receiving the same impressions. Here is a blog I wrote that addresses this idea. It feels so good to have a comrade-in-arms.


Thanks for the great links, too!


Won said...

this post reminds me that i'd been meaning to ask: would you share some of what you spoke on in your ALT panel?

and i know what you mean about "resisting" the writing... happens too often. :)

Skyes Scribbles said...

Once agian i love your post, I have oftern thought about writing a book about my life to one day let my children adn grandchildren read.

Thanks for the links!

Carla said...

Funny you should say you're receiving signs to get back to writing in your life. I have been getting similar signs and your post seems to have brought it all full circle for me. I'm inspired! Off to make it happen =)

ali said...

Thanks for the nudge, Mart. This thing weighs on my mind like nobody's business.

Travelin'Oma said...

It's true. There is only one expert on your own life: you. (Thanks for the link!)

Baboon said...

I believe everybody should write. But you, Marta, should WRITE, WRITE, WRITE!

BusyB said...

Thanks for introducing me to your Mom's blog. It is great! I am a mormongrannyblogger, too. Your posts are always fun to read. Keep writing!!

Sarah Stout said...

Thanks for the inspiration... I especially liked the picture you shared because it's German. As a German teacher, I'm required to appreciate all things German and beautiful. :)

P.S. My rough translation into English, "Millions of secretaries in the entire world, day in an day out, accomplish the tasks for which they are responsible. They are the right hand of their bosses. They record short hand notes, write letters, telephone, and prepare meetings. Whatever they have to accomplish, they need good hand tools for it."

Lovesome said...

Love Brenda Euland book. A fave.

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