07 March 2011

my life in france / virtual book club meeting is today

this picture of julia and paul child is my all time favorite. it seems to say so much. lovebirds working side by side, supporting each other through and through. (i love paul's choice of shoes and her cozy plaid, not to mention their desk near the sunlight.) i loved reading my life in france by julia child. i am inspired to be a better writer, lover, adventurer, cook, friend, go-getter, traveler and optimist thanks to the vivid details included in those pages.

you may think it's a tale about france, however i think the details of their love story is the true scenic backdrop of this book. a big thank you to jana for giving me a good opportunity to re-read a forever fave.

come on over to jana's blog to read more of my thoughts on the book.
join our discussion and book club meeting!

image by paul child via google


Miranda said...

Definitely one of my all time favorite books. Pure inspiration.

Hannah said...

This book has been on my list to read for so long. I am going to pick it up for a upcoming trip. Sounds lovely.

Christine said...

So happy to have found this book club, I'm in the middle of reading the book and have posted over at Jana's blog and mine! Great job hosting this month :)

Anonymous said...

This got me thinking about if my hubby and I have a "signature" photo yet that we would look back on when we are old and think yep that sums us up.

Relyn said...

I keep encountering this book. You were the final push I needed. I've just requested it from my library. Don't you just adore libraries?

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