06 May 2011

am a fan (and happy mother's day)

am a fan of the new usps go green forever postage stamps!
am a fan of kind mentions by she paperie, dandee design, and design editor. merci.
am a fan of the royal kiss(es) on the balcony.
am a fan of munipals wooden railway subway trains. i couldn't resist bringing one home from nyc!
am a fan of design mom's discussion about mormon design bloggers. so interesting.
am a fan of this workspace, this trio of world globes, and everything about this.
am a fan of this mother's day card. my mom was queen of the carpool.
am a fan of watermelon slushies. i get mine at sonic.
am a fan of finding a perfectly flattering one-piece swimsuit. seriously. tune in next week!
am a fan of jordan's envelope surprise display. completely cute.
am a fan of putting all my preschool activity inspiration into a pinboard. hooray.
am a fan of advice to young artists by chuck close.
am a fan of weekends too. a costco run and a chick flick are on the schedule.

am a fan of mothers and the honor of being a mother. i've been poring over old posts and am glad i've written it all down. i often wonder what will become of this blog when i'm old and gray. if my blog were ever to catch flame, i'd save the thoughts i've written about motherhood first. i so appreciate you following along (and cheering me along) while i put my words into the internet. motherhood means more than i ever imagined it would. and blogging helps me appreciate what i have, as i try to recapture it and share it with words. am so glad i wrote about pregnancy, it lets me remember what it felt like.
read my favorite mother-ish poem here. (it makes me laugh, it makes me cry.)
read what i wrote in my journal the day benji was born.
read what i wrote last year about motherhood.


Marisa said...

I need those stamps!!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I love that quote from Chuck Close. He is amazing!

talesofahummingbird said...

i swear we're bff soul-mates; just grabbed those with gusto this week and proceeded to write notes to all my besties just to use the stamps! :)

Moments and Impressions said...

Happy Mothers Day to you Marta!

Can't wait to see the swimsuit... I am hunting for a good one. I signed the little one up for swim lessons... and so I need something cute.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Happy Mother's Day, Marta!

After reading this the first time, and seeing your mention of the royal kisses on the balcony, I wandered over to youtube and watched several snippets of the Royal Wedding. Swoon!

Amanda said...

I love your "am a fan" posts". You bring up such interesting this for me to browse.

I la la la love pinterest (hehe)! :)

Catherine at Design Editor said...

My pleasure!

Happy Mother's Day!

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