28 May 2011

moving day.

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today's the day. we're on our way. i can't believe this move is really happening! we have a giant truck and brawny boys to load it up and benj will have a last idaho morning playdate with his pals. we have such nice friends here. you don't realize what you truly have until you're leaving it. (and you don't realize how much crap is in your closets until you have to pack it all up!) suddenly i realize why everyone facebooks; to keep the far-away-ones closer. what is your favorite way to keep in touch? yesterday was all weepy; all the last times i'll drive this certain road or hit the post office and last time we'll go to the library with the indoor pond, last time to see the snake river flowing by daddy's office. am already planning in my head to bring a bigger benji back here to tell him the tales. thank goodness families get to travel in packs. here we go.

happy trails. xo.

p.s. i downloaded tina fey's new book bossypants to take on the road for laughs. (i love when authors read their own words aloud for audio books. a task like that is on my bucket list.)

p.p.s. death cab for cutie was on VH1 Storytellers last night as we wrapped up all the loose ends and blubbered in disbelief about the mountain of stuff we have and pulled out sleeping bags to sleep in. it was a perfect in-house concert for our final night. i highly recommend their tracks: i will follow you into the dark, soul meets body, why you'd want to live here and crooked teeth. i haven't talked about music like this since ninth grade. okay, am officially outtie. ciao.


Tori said...

I'm so excited for you three! Safe travels to all! See you on the other side!

joy said...

Happy Moving Day! Love how you are focusing on the excitement and the importance of being together.

Also, I just checked out Bossypants (on CD too) from the library and LOVED it!

Ihilani said...

Best of luck to you! I hope you travel safely and are able to settle down again soon!

allison said...

That is exactly why I facebook. I hope your travels are safe and fun, and you will most def love the Bossypants audiobook.


ps-I am at my parents taking sitting James and Caroline until the sixth. Maybe a cousin play date could happen, if the moving isn't too crazy. <3 you guys.

brittany said...

good luck!! i can't wait to hear all about your new adventures!

kylee said...

death cab is fab. cannot wait for their new album, this week i believe. good luck with the move marta!

Susan said...

Safe travels!

Amy said...

Bossypants is an awesome book that had me laughing so hard. But just as a warning (since you have a little one in the backseat) she drops some major f-bombs and MF-bombs. Just thought I'd tell you--not sure if you're listening with headphones or on the car speakers.

Happy and safe travels to you!

The VIPs said...

hi Marta! I'm such a fan of your blog! I just moved to Pocatello from Boise and I'm missing all my great stores and restaurant options from the other side of the state. I know you're moving and that is incredibly time consuming but, when you have time to catch your breath, I would love to hear your recommendations for some great store and restaurant options in Idaho Falls. You have great taste and it would help me explore and enjoy this new place.

Thanks and good luck with the move!

AmberLee said...

good luck making the big move!

i always get all weepy about last-time milestones too. it's so weird to feel like you're writing you own little family's history. i send my very best wishes for everything!

Vanessa said...

Good luck with your move and may you settle in in no time! Looking forward to some pics of your new home.

Miranda said...

Death Cab is one of my all-time-fave-bands for eva!

How's that for 9th grade lingo?

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