27 May 2011

sweeping up and saying goodbye.

illustration print by remixed vintage etsy shop

today is friday
+ it's cleaning day.
+ there's a farewell party at the office.
+ one last load of laundry and removing nails from walls.
+ the final push (and manic box-up) until the real party begins.
+ tonight the giant truck will be in our parking lot.
+ tomorrow is the big day!

here are a few favorite shots of idaho. they will always help me remember benji's first few years. that special little nutshell of time wherein a family grows from two to three. so simple, so supreme. it was good for us to figure out family life all on our own. i took down my bulletin board piece by piece and unpinned dan's first official business card as an attorney. he started his career here and i became a mother here. so many firsts. oh idaho, i learned to love you and i'm going to miss you.

hope you have a happy memorial day weekend. we'll be moving in (temporarily) with the in-laws while we hunt for houses. luckily, his folks are totally awesome, so i'm not too worried. i want to make them really fun meals because they have a rad kitchen. i'd love your delicious dinner suggestions and links, especially since dan packed away my cookbooks! thank you! xo.


Anonymous said...


My new favorite recipe blog is Annie Eats {http://annies-eats.net/}.

I just made the panko salmon and the garlic lemon chicken kabobs from her site this week. YUM!!

Happy farewell Idaho Day tomorrow! :)

Hil said...

Idaho will miss your guts. And so will I. Here's to newer and bigger adventures!!

Nicole said...

These are two of my new favorite pasta recipes:

Peas and Cheese Tortellini - http://www.rachaelraymag.com/recipes/peas-and-cheese-tortellini

Pistachio Pesto - http://www.parents.com/recipe/pasta/pistachio-pesto-with-pasta/

Have a happy moving day! I hope everything goes smoothly. :) **and YEAH for great in-laws!**

Cat said...

did you say house hunting???? that would be exciting news!

Stephanie C. said...

Oh, seeing your photos makes my heart break a bit. It's like I'm moving from Idaho all over again. Good luck this weekend!

Becca said...

gosh we are leaving idaho in just 2 months. I know it's going to be hard for us as well. good luck on your move!

Lesa said...

Good luck!

quilter5706 said...
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quilter5706 said...

Makes me cry everytime I think of you guys moving. Idaho will miss that great smile of yours and little Benji's "Hi! Ronna" Idaho is a great place to live with great people. Three of those great people will be movingto Utah - Lucky Utah. Best of luck to you in your new adventure. Love to all -- Ronda

whit said...

Good Luck Mart!! Can't wait to see you! Can't wait for lunches, dinners, shopping sprees, chats, yoga classes..I can't wait!!

moxiemandie said...

enjoy this time, friend. :)

Alexandra said...

Good luck, Marta and family! I hope your move goes well, you enjoy your brief stay with the in-laws, and that you get your ya-yas out in their "rad" kitchen!

xxx Alexandra

Jessica said...

happy moving! what an exciting time for your cute little family.

Eeny said...

Have a save trip to Utah.
I am already excited to hear about your adventures there :)

Melissa said...

Happy moving day! I will be in Utah this weekend and will think of you. I don't know if this link will work, but this is what we'll be up to. :)


Nessa said...

Hope your traveling and moving are going well. Happy Moving Weekend.

Amanda said...

Hoping everything is going swiftly and easily with the move!

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