02 August 2011

recently. / a kid-friendly kid frenzy.

+ my stack of library books all about toddlers. the library always has a boatload available. i highly recommend this one. i am learning to keep my cool when benji has lost his. lately i can count on one random outburst a day, usually close to naptime or mealtime. luckily they last only a short while and we forget all about it and move on. i try not to chuckle at the things he gets feisty about; the other day he was all worked up about not being able to drive us home. but i wanna drive the car!!

+ tending my four little nieces all day + one benji was a hoot! we packed in a whole bunch of activities to keep busy. they loved: making movies and then gathering around my camera to re-watch them, doing a rainbow milk experiment, a scavenger hunt (the prize was a basket of treats to enjoy while watching HSM 3), a read-a-thon, making a welcome home banner for mom, and helping me make a schedule for the day (a tip from oma! / kids love planning).

+ a beloved anna quindlen quote framed and perched on my sister's kitchen sink windowsill. a perfect reminder for a very busy mama.

+ miss whit and nephew dylan / in stripes. so fun to be in the same town again.

+ three girls with three boys watching the sun go down (and a spontaneous kiddie talent show) at a family BBQ. aunt polly, her grandbabes and her girls whit & abby.

+ benji rolls trucks across polly's picturesque garden.

+ benji and olivia stop awhile for a Popsicle in grandma's yard.

+ celebrating dave's birthday at a kid-free fancy dinner at cucina toscana, the best italian place in the city. i marveled every bite. (lookie, dave, you're on the blog!)


talesofahummingbird said...


Anonymous said...

What a fun day your nieces and Benji had ... what a great aunt you are to plan all those neat things to do. Love the photo of Benji and Olivia with the popsicles (and I just tried the milk art so I could see how it works)! :)
Sandy in Georgia

Heather Scott Partington said...

Two things:

1) as a naturally curly girl myself, I so appreciate the happy "natural" look of the girls playing. brings back some serious hair memories for me. ah, wild curls and wild abandon without self-consciousness. :)

2) anna quindlen rocks my socks

[eeny] said...

Love the quote. Great reminder of living in the moment.

Heidi said...

Thanks for tending, Min! From one kid to 5 is a big feat, but Aunt Min Day will go down in history as one of the best! Way to Go!

Laura said...

AWESOME quote! I might have to frame that one too :)
Also, I'm straight obsessed with your handwriting. I want to be you in my next life just so I can write like you!

brooke said...

Heidi's girls are adorable. I bet they loved their day with you.

Cute picture of Ariane aNd Dave!

Shannon @ A Mom's Year said...

Thank you for the great quote. I printed it out and framed it and it's sitting on my kitchen sink window sill as a reminder to stop and really look at my children (husband, parents, grandparents, friends). To pay attention to my own life. Please thank your sister as well!

(of course I had to share the idea with others, but with kudos and credit to the two of you)

Moments and Impressions said...

Oh my.. those words are perfect and such a lesson. Thank you Marta.

saraines said...

What books do you have that helps you with your toddler ?

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