06 October 2011

calligraphy stamps & stationery / fawnsberg

the ladies at fawnsberg have it. patricia + rachel (you may know them from their creative studio, primele) do incredible work. their passion for their business shows in their handiwork. (and what hands on handiwork it is! so many calligraphied goods by hand!! ooh la la!) their product is top notch and always packaged in a way that makes you know a special treasure is lurking inside. i'm swooning over our beautiful new address stamp and can't wait to start rubber stamping everything i own. this post is part of my home is where the ART is series. the artwork is theirs, but these opinions are all mine; learn more about my handpicked sponsored series here. don't you just crave calligraphy? pine over their picture portfolio here.

patricia, since i deem you an expert, what is your favorite thing to include in a handwritten letter? I always cozy-down before I write. I make a fantastic cup of coffee (or tea) and find somewhere inspiring to sit, by a sunny window maybe or out at the lake. And to begin my letter I tell my friend all about it - how the sun feels on this particularly fine fall day, and how the dash of cinnamon in my coffee is its perfect companion. It puts me somewhere for my reader, and for me it takes away the intimidating blank slate of the page. I can't think of a letter I didn't start this way!

what is an essential must-have for your creative workspace?
We have a huge pinboard on the wall of our studio; nothing fancy, a 4x8 ft sheet of homosote. It's tacked with tidbits of everything - clippings torn out of magazines, color palettes, sketches for current projects, scribbles for prospect ideas, inspiring illustrations, and the ever-changing collection of drawings from our niece Lydia. It is an invaluable source of inspiration for generating new ideas.

dig in: fawnsberg / primele etsy shop / blog 

p.s. it's raining / snowing here in utah. am in my cozy sweats going from room to room, tackling it the best i can. kitchen and bath are good to go. (other than the fact that the bathroom is still purple. what do you think? keep a lavender bath?) this weekend: a trip to home depot and ikea shelf building.


Amanda Greer said...

I really hope you're going to share pictures of your new home because I'm excited to see it!

Miranda said...

You're so right. They are super talented! I've had that address stamp on my wish list since the day we moved into our house so I have to admit I am a bit jealous.

Ihilani said...

I love the idea of describing the scene to start a letter. It's like you're actually inviting the person over. Beautiful work!

Tommy said...

I love their work. It's genius. And what a nice blog you have here. :)

Monika Wright said...

you are the finder of all things cool and beautiful and swoon-worthy!

Jen said...

jealous! i've always wanted a lavender bath! could have something to do with my light sage green, white and lavender bath towels theme we have had forever - and that those were our wedding colours as well. love keeping up to date with your adventures!

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