31 October 2011

how ink is made. / awesome.

camera stills by printing ink co.

a blog reader sent this amazing mini documentary about how ink is made my way. wow. cheers to the printing ink company. the printed page is so simple and yet so sublime. the youtube vid made me smile. and the huge warehouse shots remind me of the equally huge california printing company i worked at for a year as a graphic artist. i learned so much there. i highly recommend landing (or miraculously falling into) a job wherein you feel like you're swimming with sharks and doggie paddling your way through. you'll come out a lot stronger. and maybe learn a thing or two. at the time, i had no idea how that job (and my clients there) would steer me into what i do everyday. isn't it awesome to look back on an experience that was extremely tough and finally get why it was essential to go through it?!

I believe that we are here to work, and I believe there is no escape from it. I think that we cannot get that thought into our souls and into our beings too soon. Work we must, if we shall succeed or if we shall advance. There is no other way.  - J. Reuben Clark Jr.

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