30 October 2011

recently / getting into the spirit of things

+ enjoying cupcakes from hilarythank you.
+ the mummy wrap contest at oma's spooky spectacular.
(luckily no one had a camera out when we were doing our version of thriller.)
+ making new friends at daddy's haunted office party.

wishing you and your goblins a happy holiday.
candy frenzy, here we go.
can you believe it is almost november?!


talesofahummingbird said...

am really sad to miss out on you thriller-ing. cutie-pie costume for b, way to go momma!

brooke said...

Benji's costume is to die for.

Anthony Spence said...

I Love the costumes..

Nicole said...

Adorable! My MIL has a very similar horse costume that we tried out on my one year old and he was completely terrified of it. :) HAHA! PS. I am SO ready for November!!

Travelin'Oma said...

You'll be thrilled to know I caught your version of Thriller. It's chilling. (Any interested voyeurs can stifle a giggle by checking my blog today.)

Hil said...

So glad you guys came to play the other day! We have missed you. I love those mummy costumes. Seriously awesome... and I did see your Thriller picture over on your mom's blog... what a FUN party!! Isn't it great living close to family?
p.s. Benji makes the cutest cowboy I have ever seen! I love that horse.

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