10 October 2011

i like that writing in a diary is all the rage now.

it's a fad that will never fade in my book.
+ Q&A a day / five year diary.
+ julia rothman typewriter diary.
+ mom's one line a day diary.


Shannon @ A Mom's Year said...

I have the One Line a Day diary--it's great because it takes away the pressure of filling up a whole page! Mostly I write down things my kids say. As I wrote in my blog post on the subject, you think you'll remember everything, but the new memories keep crowding out the old!

Melissa said...

2 things I love...1) the typewriter journal and 2) that blogging is a way to journal. I love printing by blog books at the end of the year and having it as a family journal. Thanks for sharing these cute journals!

{ SHE } said...

You know I'm a fan of the first journal and the Mom's One Line A Day is totally what I write in!! I started it earlier in the year and it's been so easy to keep up on a daily basis. I do love!!! The middle one is extra cute. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree :) I have just cracked open a new journal and am simultaneously excited for its newness, and wistful about closing the old, full one.

Alison said...

Just ordered the Q&A journal after seeing it here! So cute, thanks for the idea!

LMT said...

I'm with you. Long live diary writing!

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