27 October 2011

labels & clear storage containers. / latest excitement.

labeled cords hung inside a closet door.  / clear storage is the name of the game in my studio.

thank you for the nice comments. you guys rock. and i love answering your questions. especially when i think i have the answer! a reader asked to know a few things about home organization. i will be divulging any tips i think are worthwhile and making organization a whole new category here on my blog. yay. i'm all about discreet storage when it comes to boring gizmos, jumbles of toys, personal items or creating a streamlined space, but i must say, clear storage (especially for colorful craft supplies!) is my new favorite thing in the world. four basics to remember...

+ SORT / by size, by type, by color, whatever. sort it the way that makes the most sense to you.

+ GIVE IT A HOME / decide how often you use the item (or hope to use the item) and give it room at the inn. a crowded space is an unhappy space. sometimes dividing your collection is nice too. i have cleaning supplies upstairs and downstairs and in bathrooms, i need all the motivation i can get.

+ LABELS / i used to make fun of my mom for labeling everything. (sorry mom.) now i totally get it. no wonder she ran a tight household of seven children. mother knows best. i like making my labels basic, easy to re-create in a pinch if i switch contents from containers.

+ LOOKS COUNT / i've been trying to choose pretty containers (on a budget) and since i'm so visually inclined (or forgetful), it works for me if the containers are clear. glass is especially nice. a lid is also awesome. but un-lidded is also essential for the must-haves like favorite pens, scissors, rubberbands, thumbtacks, etc.

// resources
corkboard tiles at Target
6-up hanging pouch system at Ikea
binder clips in junk drawer
glass jars inherited from grandmother's basement
small craft containers at Wal-Mart
lidded cookie jars at Wal-Mart or Target 

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{natalie} said...

labels are key for me and help my kids figure out where things go.

i love the cookie jars from walmart with a screw on lid. i have so many in my pantry. you studio is looking good.

Robyn Devine said...

loving these photos! my one suggestion - flip those Sharpies around, so the ink doesn't settle at the bottom of the pen. if you store them cap-down, they'll last a lot longer because the ink will settle towards the tip. this way, even those seldom-used colors will stay fresher longer!

Hil said...

come help me organize when I move in? I think that sounds like a great idea. I love it all, especially the aqua wall in the background!!!

chloe said...

thank you marta- these tips have definitely given me more organization inspiration! keep the tips coming!

marta said...

thank you for the tip, robyn! hooray for longer lasting sharpies.

talesofahummingbird said...

hey hey for inspiring me. :) went through my two bins of crafty things and trashed all the trash...organized by grouping. once i get my closet shelving ready there will def be some of those cooking jars added - how cute do they look filled with colors? i wanna come organize with you (a reason why i love moving so much-mandatory reorganization of the ENTIRE house). i'm telling you, we are two peas in a pod. :)

Crafting Play said...

I'm going to have to try the binder clips and cord labels!! Thanks!!

Senja said...

thanks so much for sharing! :)

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