28 October 2011

happy weekend and a small smattering.

incredible calligraphy by ornamelle

wishing you a wonderful weekend.
happy haunting!

we'll be tromping our little cowboy around to as many places willing to give out candy as possible. including daddy's new office. humorous that i swore never to refer to dan as 'daddy' but it's how things roll when you're a parent. and i'll be burning discs of 2006 - 2010 digital photos for the archives. surely wondering which ones to delete and which should make the cut. not a fun job, but a necessary one. whittling away at little tasks and making 'humongous' (benji's new favorite word) piles of leaves for jumping. last night i went through journals / notebooks / scrapbooks of my high school era. highly amusing / entertaining and a teensy bit inspiring. i wrote down everything. what i wore, what my crush said over the phone, who i was annoyed with, who i was in love with, gory gory teenage details that gave me a belly ache with laughter. it is so good to slip into the olden days. i slipped them onto my bookshelves so i won't forget to look back / scan them in someday again soon. happy weekend. here's to continued wordy documentation.


Cecilia said...

Have fun! A cowboy...classic! We will be tackling the to-do list too, and getting our little almost-two year old jazzed about halloween.

Amy said...

I remember thinking how hilarious it was in Remember the Titans when Denzel's character called his wife 'mama' when it was just the two of them. I remember being somewhat baffled about how couples get to that point.

I totally get it now. My husband and I do it all time, sometimes when the kids aren't there. And definitely when I'm writing. And when I catch us doing it I always think it's funny and can't help but smile at this right of passage our relationship has taken.

So your comment about swearing to never call Dan 'daddy' made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I read my teen journals too early- I did more wincing than laughing! I'll try again in another 10 years or so =) Thanks for making me smile today!

Amanda said...

To wordy documentation! I've only been keeping a journal for 2 years and a blog for almost 2 months but I hope to keep up both for as long as possible.

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