08 November 2011

happy home textiles / sweetnature designs

recently i've been obsessed with throw pillows. have you noticed?! i was happy to spot another etsy wonder selling quirky unique textiles to help add a touch of sunny personality to the home. beth of sweetnature designs makes all kinds of pretties by hand. i fell hard for this be happy pillow. (scroll down to see it plopped on my own bed! it makes a statement while also perfectly reminding me of all that there is to be happy about.) this post is part of my home is where the ART is series. the artwork is theirs, but these opinions are all mine; learn more about my handpicked sponsored series here.

What inspires your custom printing on pillows? I think having a happy home means filling it with the things you love and I love color! Having a cute whimsical reminder to "be happy" makes me smile and adds a nice feeling everytime I see this pillow on my couch. My pillow covers are simple, whimsical and eclectic and can be a bright pop of color for any decor. I use my morning run as my time to think and develop ideas in my mind.

what are the essential must-haves for your creative work space? I am fortunate to be able to work from home, which I think is "essential" to my family's well-being! I am available for my kids after school and in the summer because I do all my sewing, printing, and design right here at home. I run in the mornings after the kids head off to school and I use that time to plan my day, think about new projects, and work through various issues and ideas.

what software/tools do you use? All of my designs start with a black ink drawing and then they are burned on to a screen for printing of fabric. I don't use a computer graphics program...all of the designs based off one of my original drawings. My tools are paper, silk screens, ink, fabric, and a sewing machine!

etsy handcrafted pillows piled high. / my favorite reason to make the bed.

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Ashley Antkowiak said...

Those are beautiful! I love the "be happy" one in the last photo. Thanks so much for sharing.

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