15 December 2011

chiming in... and jennifer aniston's perfume

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hello hello. this post is going to be random and short. christmas is coming and my house is a wreck. benji came down into my 'wrapping room' and said, woah! mom, this is a gi-gan-tic mess. and the kitchen is no different. however i did just whip up an amazing pink poppyseed salad dressing for tomorrow night's girls night out. it's luscious and will be drizzled over a grapefruit avocado green salad. i'm excited to play hostess again; we're doing yoga, a gift exchange and eating lots of food. and serving up some chocolate to round out the evening.

but still this post is all about smelling jennifer aniston. sure i love her on friends. sure, her haircuts are amazing. her highlights, the best. and the way she keeps churning out sub-par movies and the public still woos over her is something to be admired. but i highly doubted her perfume, as i do all celebrity named perfumes (and was annoyed, as usual, at her scantily clad on the beach advertisements. how cliche can we be, jen?!). in my opinion, most celebrity perfumes are crazy money making opportunities and way too powerfully scented. while on the subject, anyone smelled t. swift's new fragrance? once i thought i liked kim kardashian's fragrance until i walked out of the store and couldn't wait to wash my arm. and i can never get over the pictures of the idol cozying up awkwardly to their bottle of perfume (see above). some of the nicer versions are better kept scenting my underwear drawer than my skin.

bottom line, i am delighted to report that jennifer aniston smells amazing. do you love it like i do? so light and refreshing that when the sephora employee sprayed it on a little strip of paper and held it up to my nose, i couldn't even smell it. which i took as a good sign. intrigued, i spritzed a little on my arms and walked around the mall, waited in line to see santa, browsed the new h&m, smelling myself all the while. it's light and clean. i can't put my finger on the exact aroma but i genuinely like it. so much so i texted dan about it. in the past, i've loved scents like fresh sugar and philosophy and romance and clean. so it's along those lines. as per usual, jen aniston has broken all the rules and is pushing a product to be proud of. it officially made my wish list. sephora has a rollerball of it for only $18. no scents (or cents?!) in paying a fortune for perfume this season. okay, that's all. happy weekend-ing.

p.s. am closing up shop soon. if you'd like some mini diaries for christmas, please place your orders this weekend! thank you.


Nessa Bixler said...

Love it... and had a left over gift card from my birthday and bought that little rollerball that you speak of from Sephora. I think that is the first time I have ever bought myself perfume... it was fun.

Shelley @ The Happiness Diaries said...

oh hooray, i love the same kind of scents - love Fresh perfumes. I have a gift card to sephora. Thanks for the review. I may have to order myself a little Christmas gift.

Hil said...

Ooh, you sold me on it. I'm going to have to hint to Jer what a great stocking stuffer this would be!

Jealous you browsed the new H&M. Was it insanely busy? What am I saying, the mall is insanely busy this time of year. Period.

You are one of the best hostesses I know, your evening is bound to be a big hit. Pink poppyseed dressing with grapefruit and avocado?? I think a recipe needs to be shared.

Melissa said...

This is random, but I dreamed about her last night. Out of the blue. Very strange.

quilter5706 said...

Love Burberry's new perfume. I'm sure your girls night will be a hit. You are such a great hostess.
Love to all and a very merry Christmas.

Cecilia said...

This made me chuckle, and I know this is a post about perfume, but I have to say in Jennifer's defense (because we are bff's you know) that I would never call any of her movies sub-par - they are so quirky and off the beaten path and strangely, I LOVE them.

Heidi said...

I'm intrigued. And maybe it's the perfect m-i-l gift! I'm on it.

brlracincwgrl said...

I have heard a lot of wonderful things about this perfume! I think you have me sold! Now, do I fight the crazy crowds today? Ha!

Camille said...

Ok I have been in need of some new perfume, and after your review of this one I asked for it for Christmas! My in laws already gave it to me, and I love it!!! I'm wearing it right now. Thanks for the recommendation!

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