17 December 2011

recently / holiday happenings

+ just when i wondered if my card / wreath display was way too ginormous, it became the fave of the season. i got it on coupon at michaels and will likely be hanging it in the kitchen year after year. thank you for the christmas cards; isn't opening up your mailbox the best at christmastime!!?

+ the dessert buffet with my in-laws: apple cake, cherry coconut joys, lemon chex mix, peanut butter & chocolate cookies, soft gingersnaps, caramelitas, sour stars and more. david brought a homemade pumpkin roll(!) which was the star of the show.

+ the best part of hosting a dessert open house is having enough leftovers to take to neighbors!

+ not only has santa come to town, but H&M too. hip hip hooray. we hit it at ten a.m. and quickly zipped out. will have to do a thorough visit without toddler in tow. i texted dan and told him i was very much in my happy place. the kids section is surprisingly crawling with lightening mcqueen clothes, so benji was too.

+ i started wondering about all the crazy stories the mall santa has in his satchel when he heads home to mrs. claus. don't you think he must see it all?! benj hopped on his lap and started chatting it up like old pals. can i show santa my band-aid?

+ unexpected packages arriving. love the shredded paper packaging.

+ blowing bubbles in the bathroom; best indoor activity.

+ wrapping (and rocking) around the christmas tree.

+ chocolates all lined up for girl's night out favors. utah's truffles are the best; the mint and dark chocolate flavors are our favorites. they melt in your mouth. i saved a few for stockings too. the local company kindly sent enough for us to share with our guests! thank you, utah truffles. more party pictures to come. we partied the power out. seriously. it was kind of awesome. psst. the cute christmas runner is a gift from my quilting cousin


Carissa said...

Aw you know how to tickle a gal's palate! All those lovely sweets and the yummy chocolate... let's be friends, yes?

In all seriousness though: Love your blog (duh) and have been enjoying it for a little over a year now - please never stop writing and snapping lovely pictures!

Many blessings to you and yours!

Stephanie said...

That is seriously the BEST Santa picture I've seen in forever. Warms my heart:)

Travelin'Oma said...

You haven't been to a Christmas party until you've been to one where the power goes out and you sit around and chat, eat and open presents by candlelight. As the temperature dipped, the quilts came out and we bundled and talked til 1:am! Then we left Min to crawl under all the blankets and enjoy 45 degree heat in the dark. It was an AWESOME party, Marta! From now on, we'll turn off the power on purpose!

Unknown said...

Ohh everything is looking so gorgeous and festive! I love all the cards clipped onto the wreath, so pretty.

Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

JJB said...

love the picture of all the wrapping... that's when you know the holidays are here!

Catherine at Design Editor said...

OK, that is the best Santa chair I've seen yet!

Tommy said...

Awesome wreath! This is a great idea...and do I spy puppy chow?! Whoa!

Shannon @ A Mom's Year said...

I noticed the Santa chair, too! Wonderful photos--you've captured all those moments that make the holidays magical. I like your wreath idea--I always put the photos on the fridge, but for some reason this year I haven't. I think sometimes you just want to do something different.

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