06 December 2011

christmas-ing is in full swing

+ dan hung wreaths and twinkle lights outside. my hero! they look so charming. i got my house decked out and dan (and benj) got an excuse to run to home depot. it was a win-win.

+ i do my hair in curls maybe twice a year. the firm christmas party seemed a perfect reason to bust out the hot rollers. my niece anne talked me into getting the gold sparkly bow (she got one in pink as she is having quite a glittery pink sixteenth year). i am not sure if it makes me look like i'm in middle school or not, but i decided to roll with it. (i even attempted a mini cat eye look, which someone has deemed as the kitten eye. i love a heavy top eyeliner with bare bottom lashes. funny the things we get excited about.) we danced the night away. we love dancing. admittedly, we are not terribly good dancers, half the time we are deciding who's leading. but still, dancing is one of my favorite things there is. am glad the season has already had a night of dancing under its belt. my curls had all fallen out by the end of the night as we waltzed into the snowy parking lot.

+ benji is in such a perfect little boy stage. everyday he says something worth writing down. he loves trains and playdates and playing make believe. he is so happy it's christmas and loves reading stories about santa and the elves. he is grasping all the merriment and make believe of the season. i love seeing the magic happen right before my eyes. we set our shoes out last night; lining them up just right. today is st. nicholas day!

+ benji and his little cousin, miles. these two are peas in a pod. they make anything into a game of chase and hide and seek. they love to pretend to run from ghosts; their imaginations are so active. since they are both car obsessed, red light, green light is also a huge (hilarious) hit. here, they are racing away from the mommy monster. how cute are little boys in plaid?

tune in tomorrow / am discussing pens.
if i got a stocking full of them, i'd be totally happy.


Eeny said...

Hope Saint Nicholas was nice and left something in your shoes =) He sure did over here.

Your hair looks pretty and the bow is perfect for christmas time.

Cecilia said...

Oh, I love the photo of the cousins. How sweet!

I'm so happy to see your family's holiday cheer :)

Anonymous said...

oh marta you are the cutest ever,,,,the sparkle bow and hairdo are super cute!! can't wait for the pen rundown....i love your stocking stuffers from the grocery ideas!!benji is adorable as always

***i love your "pins" fun!fun!
marti driver

mary elizabeth said...

cute cousins! whenever i'm with miles he talks about benji, its the cutest thing ever!

and i am loving your curls, too. so darling miss marta!

brooke said...

Love your hair curly and that last pic of Benji and his cousin is so happy and adorable..I love little boys!

k. novella said...

i love your hair! i want to cut mine just so i can do (and look) exactly the same. i love the bow, you pulled it off, and not middle school-ish at all.

i have a question, what type of ribbon did you use to hang your outside wreaths? i must have the wrong stuff, since mine is falling apart. is it special outside hang-your-wreath-ribbon? (it looks so nice and i love the vibrant red against your green. so merry.)

thanks! happy holidays!

marta said...

thanks everyone!
@k. novella, the ribbon is just a wide red grosgrain ribbon. it's not special outdoor weather ribbon (we'll see if it lasts!) and it's not wired either. just a good sturdy ribbon from michael's. hope you can find a solution for yours!

Lady Day said...

love the bow, so looking forward to dancing the night away with you someday and love your Christmas spirit, Marta!


Nessa said...

Ooh kitten eye... now that sounds like something I could go for... I love the bow.

Hil said...

Holy crap I love the curls Marta! So glad you had such a good time at the party. Way to go Dan for being such a handy man with the wreaths and lights. We miss having Benji come play but are so happy he has a best bud of a cousin around. They are way too cute!!

Amanda Greer said...

I'm smiling as I think of you and your family preparing for and celebrating Christmas. I bet Benji is getting excited!

kylee said...

obsessed with that golden bow in your hair.

The Frat Pack + Me said...

your little bow shot is so cute!

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