01 December 2011

recently / thanksgiving pics and then some

+ i planned to make a sweet little video of thanksgiving in sun valley, idaho. it pretty much ended where it started. i have like four short clips. nevertheless, it was gorgeous and a little bit snowy and sunny and dreamy, just as a thanksgiving road trip should be. our memories of that place are so firm in my mind, it was okay that i kept forgetting my camera on all our fun little outings. (i prefer having my hands accessible for lots of hand-holding.)

+ dan is extra happy when prepping for a shooting activity. it's mountain man rendezvous come to life. p.s. i'm not sure if i've documented it in stone yet, but dan has my very favorite crazy hair ever. mine is never as rad. people spend big bucks to get their hair to do what his does. just sayin'.

+ i made a special creme brulee french toast to help stretch everyone's stomachs before our thanksgiving feast that afternoon. it worked. mine hasn't been the same since.

+ this year's tasty feast was one to remember. the food was lovely, as were the faces around the long table. everyone was happy and admiring their plates of food. admittedly it's a bit nerve-racking taking little children out in public to eat (ever), so i was delighted our little dude did so well on such a special day.

+ one evening my mother-in-law served chili. dan's brother dave made a special trip to the store for the avocado. these are my kind of people. he was right, it was delisch. (i ordered my chips on top in hopes they would not get sogg-ified beneath the chili. they thought i was a little bit nuts.)

+ stealing the sun on a late november day at the park.

+ a little christmas-ing around the house. here is the hand-wrapped wreath i made last year and my printable christmas poster (this is the 11x17 printed at fedex kinkos for $2.63). i am still obsessed with that greige paint color. it's benajmin moore, revere pewter. it's subtle and light, but still packs a pow.

+ my sidekick and i did some errands the other day and wound up at the mall. it was more fun than i imagined. who knew pb kids does storytime?! everything during the holidays is a big deal; the twinkle lights, the santas everywhere, even the christmas music. kids notice everything. he could've stared at this trolley scene all day long. here he is pointing out which ones he wants from santa.

+ merry christmas to my freezer. (this is very dangerous living.)

// am taking a little blogging break. i'll be notifying the winners on monday. am throwing a little advent together last minute, am thinking sheena's envelope idea is brilliant.


jasa penerjemah tersumpah said...

marry Christmastime n god bless u always...

Travelin'Oma said...

I love the way you write!! It makes me want to know you in real life.

Lauralee said...

You always leave me feeling uplifted and excited about life. Thank you for sharing. And I too love that paint color. Gorgeous.

Amanda said...

1. Those chili bowls look delicious!

2. The photo of Benji admiring the trolley scene is the best! A keeper for sure!

3. Now I am dreaming of peppermint ice cream sundaes. Will have to try it!

4. I second Travelin' Oma! :)

Anonymous said...

Peppermint icecream added to tomorrows grocery list. And I am totally with you on the soggy chips. Not a fan of soggy chips!

whit said...

love love these pictures!! i'm so happy that you had a great time during Thanksgiving. i need to come over to see the house all done up!!

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