29 December 2011

lets regroup / the woo & woe of blogging

photos by me // at the MOMA on our last trip to new york city.

as of late, admittedly, the blog page has not been wooing me in its usual sugary sensationally tempting way. in the good old days i felt like a bee headed to its hive; with tales dripping of tasty honey. but. i am in a slump. slumpier than slump. as it is lasting longer than a slump should. i'm sorry to say i have been going through the motions, trying to keep up here. waiting for the romance of blogging to return. surely it will. hopefully it will; it's one of the only things i know how to do these days. and with that, i've sensed an unwelcome resentful chirping in my ear, as i scroll through glamorous / clever / riveting / crafty / homey / lovely post upon post in my google reader. so many out there photographing, documenting, creating, doing, writing and making. goal-oriented and intentional blogging; the best of its kind. while i sit here flapping my wings with all my might and never actually taking off. my blog feels misplaced suddenly, due to my uneasiness.  likely it's only in my mind, i mean, who is really to say who belongs and who doesn't belong. still, there is a distinct doggy paddling happening here and i need to regroup and figure out what i want out of all this. i am somewhat chuckling inside because i know i have written seminars on why blogging is rad, which can be found in my archives. i should be my own best cheerleader on the subject. but i've been pondering this for months now and i haven't given myself the go ahead to find any real clarity. why do i blog. why should i blog. what is my message. what are my intentions with publishing my words for all to read. who is this for. where is it going. if anywhere. am i okay with a simple diary online or am i saying something more. what is the point of yet one more blog for people to scroll through. am i lending out anything with real genuine substance. i recently read something akin to: those who get what they want out of life have usually taken the time to figure out (precisely) what they want in life. why have i let the routine of it all cloud the vision of what i truly want.

one of my favorite things about going to an art gallery, aside from viewing masterpieces close enough to study thick brush strokes, is watching how people react. how people tango back and forth slowly from frame to frame, or wait and tilt their heads awhile or sit down on a bench and write or rush through to the popular pieces or whisper in corners, letting the artwork set the mood. i like watching all of us, so varied, enjoying the same art in our own very personal ways. for years now, blogging has been my platform to put my words, my heart, out there. for anyone to come take a peek; to stay as long as they please or to skip around like rain on a rooftop. now, more than ever, i see how valuable our time is (yours and mine) and i long to say something that matters; to you. to me.

i'll be back after i regroup.

p.s. i promise this isn't a pity party. thank you for reading my blog; so many of you have stuck with me for years and i love that. i am flattered and happy some of you have reached out. this year i've been able to interact with readers on a very awesome level; letters, emails and even meetings. i like to know who you are and what you're all about too. (somedays even i get sick of the one-sided conversation that a blog tends to be.) i've come to realize that i rather gain a friendship with a few of you than hoard the readership of the masses. i freed myself of wanting to be the biggest baddest best blogger out there a long time ago. letting go of the popularity contest is nice. a lot less pressure. still, there is something in me that is still trying to keep up. i hope to rid myself of those feelings to compare and just be me. and let it all hang out. but this takes courage. and intention. and guts. and time. i need to find out why blogging should continue to be apart of my life. what am i giving and what is it giving. and why is it worth the effort and time it takes. this is hopefully just the beginning of a year full of good changes and personal evolution. wishing you a happy new year and some quiet time to figure out exactly what you'll make of it. xo.

p.p.s. this post took me a little over an hour to write (and edit). but it was therapeutic and well worth it. i hope, if you're still reading, it will help you in some small way too.


Carly said...

i'm feeling similar about life lately- like i'm just flapping my wings, going through the motions, but not really experiencing it. thanks for the reminder to figure out what i want from life and to be an active participant.

i recently read annie dillard's "the writing life" and that's what made me want to blog again. even if only for myself. even if no one reads it. even if i feel vulnerable or even silly at times. as she said, "One of the few things I know about writing is this: spend it all, shoot it, play it, lose it, all, right away, every time. Do not hoard what seems good...anything you do not give freely and abundantly becomes lost to you."

Joanna said...

Thanks for your honesty. You describe something I feel, too. My blog started out as solely a place for me to experiment and write. But I overthink everything and as soon as I got a (teeny tiny) handful of readers, all the other blogs looked a lot more shiny and useful than mine.

So I'm thinking of those same questions--what do I have to say that no one else is saying? Does my blog have to be service journalism, entertainment, aspiration on overload, or simply just a record of my thoughts on any given day?

I hope you find your answers and your time thinking about it is invigorating!


Anonymous said...

I love the simpleness, the coziness, the inspiration & the creative ideas I find on your blog. It's like home & family to me--you don't need to change a thing. And I love getting to re-live MY Benjy (he's now 13)stories here. Mother Teresa said to "do little things with great love". That's what your blog means to me.

Heather said...

I feel as if you took the words out of my heart from the past several months, since summer, truly, if not earlier, and found the perfect way to string them together to describe what I, too, am feeling with my own blog.

Thank you for being what I needed: someone to relate to in this.

Senja said...

I totally understand. Your life is busy with other things now, priorities change.

I have also neglected the blog and shop as other things (a little thing in my belly - finally :)) has stolen my attention and energy..

You are always one of my favorites.

XO Senja

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

I loved what you said about finding your purpose and direction- we all need to know where we're were going if we're ever going to get there. But Please know that your blog is you- or at least a part of you- and to that end is something that could never belong to anyone else. Your voice is yours alone. And even if that voice reaches 50 or 5000 people- it MATTERS. I love the pure joy with which you view life. The moments you simply show snapshots of the beauty you took a moment to enjoy and share, the giddy love you feel for your boys. It is not only the large soprano voices that matter in the choir, but the subtle undertones of all the harmonies working together to create a beautiful picture of motherhood and womanhood.
Your voice is one of those.

Anonymous said...

I been reading your blog for a while now, I never comment. Thank you for the honesty, I guess we all feel the same way for the things we do, sometimes we forget why we do them or if its important to anyone. Your blog is so beautiful and inspiring; reminds me how wonderful is to be a mom of a 3 year old and how wonderful is to be a creative person and trying to put everything together without anything getting disturb. What you decide to do is what your heart is telling you to do. It's hard to be here but it's better to get here than never arrive. Happy new year. Nelia.

Katie said...

Thank you for this post! You've typed exactly what I feel about my own blog. It's a personal diary and not as public as yours. I write for me, but lately my writing has lacked depth. My resolution is to start writing more in my journal to stimulate thoughts. Now I might incorporate some of your ideas as well!

Travelin'Oma said...

I just had this conversation with Stie last night. I could have written your post (not nearly as well.) Sometimes it seems crazy to be spending so much time and worry on posts for family (who don't read them) or strangers who don't care. It's an odd dilemma.

Jay said...

I don't consider this to be a pity party at all. I think all of those questions you're asking yourself are extremely important ones. If we didn't ask ourselves such things, then all we'd be posting are words on a page that would hold no interest to anybody.

Thank you for being so extremely honest with us, but also, I think you're doing the good thing by being honest with yourself. First and foremost, though, blog for yourself. If you find no joy in what you write then others won't find any joy in reading it.

Jen said...

marta marta - i have been writing this post in my head for weeks {weeks!!} trying to muster up the courage that you seem to have in spades to put words to paper and get my sentiments out there. what are we doing? who is this for? is the intention to knock "her" off her pedestal, dig our fingernails in, climb viciously to the top and win? or is it just to connect? to bring something to this mad mad world. leave a mark. i feel exactly like you and i think that is why i have been writing mostly about food lately - to fill that void and get some good food into people. i find myself searching for the words- that witty anecdote- to add to the recipe so i seem clever like everyone one else when all i really want to say is "trust me it's good - enjoy." or "would i steer you wrong? eat it."
love your blog though - it's one of my 5 before-coffee checks in the morning to catch up on all the action. you have inspired me on aqua! have a nice stay-cation!

Hannah said...

Marta, I love this. A year ago, blogging was a big part of my life. It was always on my mind. A camera always needed to be in hand. Events were planned for the sole purpose of reporting them to readers. Recipes were made only for posting them. It is a bit freeing to let go, even for a while. For me, blogging served its purpose in a time when I needed a creative outlet & a support system.

But, I will say, your blog is super inspiring. I love reading about your everyday life. You make me see life in a new way. Have a wonderful blogging break. We'll be ready to read when you return.

Becca Groves said...

I love these previous comments and just want to add one thing. I love your blog because it paints a picture of what motherhood, wifehood, and homemaking can look like when done with joy and intention. You are a breath of fresh air, and just you writing stories of your day to day is all I need to keep coming back for more glimpses of a content and full life focused on the right things: family, faith and creativity.

I'm happy for you as you take this time away. Can't wait for you to come back though! :)

Jill said...

a blogging break may be just what the doctor ordered!

enjoy your time away...

we'll still be here when you return.


and...happy new year, marta!

Danielle said...

This is probably one of my favorite posts you've written. I love the honesty & I completely understand what you're going through. I've thought about blogging & my place in this too. I'm on a blogging break right now to work through all these jumbled thoughts & prepare for the New Year. Wishing you & yours a Happy Holiday season & can't wait to read your posts on this topic. :)

allison said...

i'm in the same boat right now (although, you're a blogstress beyond what i ever will be). i've been feeling winter blues, but i want you to know that i love to see "martawrites" in bold letters on my reader. whether it's one post a month, or thirty. i'll still be excited to read your words.

Anonymous said...

Marta, first off, I really enjoy your blog and I find inspiration from you as a woman, a wife and a mother (I'm not a wife or a mother yet but I feel like I'm learning from you how I want to be one day).

Second, I wholeheartedly sympathize with some "woe" about the point of blogging. I have a much more private blog, with a much smaller audience than you do, and I struggle to define "the point" of blogging. I always come back to reasons like these: I can't always talk to my favorite people and tell them everything I'm thinking, but I want a place to share. I have ideas that need a place to go. I might be able to share something of insight or value with someone who happens along to my little corner of the world.

Maybe it's time for a series of prompts or challenges to help us all refocus our intentions for blogging... I think you would be a great candidate to help us all (your fans) do that.

moxiemandie said...

I am SO glad that you do blog because I met you here & love being friends.I've been where you are a few times- it soetimes seems like a big circle, really. Each time that I ponder quitting altogether, I'm renewed with an intense love for my place in space- usually after a nice unannounced break, though! :)

have a happy new year friend!

Melanie said...

The start of the new year is a perfect time to regroup. Take a breather and if you never get back into the spirit of blogging, may you find enjoyment in your other pursuits.

Kerry said...

Good for you.

Jenni said...
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Jenni said...

Marta, I don't remember how I found your blog, but I have been hooked since I found it. I am sure part of it is that I have a little boy a bit younger than yours and I love to see what he will be into next. I cull my reader every few months, but Marta Writes always stays. When checking my reader I always save your post for last - yes, I save the best for last. :) It doesn't matter what your "message" is, I enjoy every post. Hugs and thanks! Jenni

robyn said...

SIMPICITY....I think we're all looking for permission (and even approval) to live this kind of life in the midst of an overstimulated (the good and the bad) culture! Pinterest is enough to make anyone feel like they aren't... (you fill in the blank) enough! haha. You are genuine and real...it's what attracts people to your blog. Regroup, Re-Prioritize, and Rest! Don't let the enemy tell you that you aren't "enough". You have blessed more people with your blog than you know:) And if you don't think so, take me for example: I'm a homeschooling mother of 3 from California, a protestant Christian, who randomly found your blog a couple of years ago and have been reading ever since. Happy New Year!

Trish said...

I just want you to know that your blog is the blog I go to first. Every day. You fill me with inspiration, you make me want to write. The reason for my blog is to remember: the little moments, the special times, the good and the not so good. I also like to think of it as something wonderful to leave to my children and grandchildren. I have my grandmothers' photo albums, but not their words, their feelings, their dreams. I want my family to remember, to relive, to pass it on. Anyway whatever you choose, be happy Marta, that's most important.

joe said...

i was reading your blog for all these years- and you made me happy and thats matters!! allmost never comment but fell in love with oy and with your family. your world is s---o different from mine (i live in Israel) and it was a beautifull glimpse to onther world- thank you for all that and i wish you happiness and thats your dreams, small as big, will come true.

Nessa Bixler said...

I love your blog. I love your ideas, crafts, art and inspiration. But I also love the day-to-day... what you did over the weekend, how you entertained Benji on a rainy day. There is always big important things, and sometimes you find it it the simple everyday little things. Just do what makes you smile and walk that direction and you will find your way.

Amy Bowman said...

I love your blog. You are in my blogroll.
I love the perspective this post brings. Very important questions to ask and ponder. I love that you shared them with us!

Amanda said...

Ah, Marta, I do the same as Jenni: save your blog to read last because it's one of my absolute favourites. I've been reading your blog for a couple of years now, I think (time flies..), and I always look forward to seeing what you have to say. You are so honest, inspiring, cheer-inducing.

I relate to what you're saying though. I just started my blog in August and although I love writing posts, sometimes I wonder why I'm writing them. And it's so hard not to compare my blog (and my life) to others.

P.S. The "rain on a rooftop" line made me think of your "barbaric yawp." I hope that I can continue to hear it!

P.P.S. I love LOVE this wish: "wishing you a happy new year and some quiet time to figure out exactly what you'll make of it." It's exactly what I need.

Thank you, Marta, and happy New Year!

Melissa said...

Your blog is always a pleasure to read. Because I know you personally, I enjoy the posts about your family and day-to-day life as well as the other fun things you post. I guess blogging is something I do with a certain purpose in mind, and you're right, you kind of have to know what your purpose is. I totally believe that as we grow and change, our goals grow and change with us. It's totally fine for your blog to change if you want it to. What would bring you the most joy? My blog is a journal for my family. I have some family and good friends who read it. They like keeping up with our family, and I like that too. They don't comment, in fact, I think my one sister has been my most constant commenter. It's hard to write a blog and see 0 comments from time to time. But then I remember that for me, it's a journal, and it is serving it's purpose. No matter what, I ship my blog pages off to blog2print every year and am rewarded with a hard bound year in the life of the Petersons. That's what it is all about. I guess what I'm trying to say is that your blog should fill a need for you that fulfills you. If you are happy with it, or want to make a change that will make you happier, that's what's important. I hope that made sense. :D

Shannon @ A Mom's Year said...

Miss Marta, there are only a few blogs that I read every day and yours is one of them. There's just something so truthful and clear about your writing that I love.

Just keep your eyes on your North Star and all shall be well.

lucinda said...

well said marta.
i am in the same place these days with blogging.
i have yet to find some clarity and am hoping that it will find me soon.

good for you for taking the space and time you need.


Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing your heart. i hope when all things are figured out you will stay. i would miss you if you didn't. happy new year, beautiful marta.

jamie in michigan

Jacqui said...

Hi I have not commented before but I do like reading you regularly. I had a blog which I gave up after a couple of years but I've now relaunched it - new name hosting and so on. I'm getting back in slowly and am finding a lot of inspiration from you - your design stuff is fab and i just love reading about your life in Utah. My advice would be to take a break and come back in a while. Good luck Marta you need to put yourself first.
Jacqui in the UK

the dibers said...

maybe you are pregnant??? i always feel completely uncreative when i am pregnant....really hoping that is what it is! love checking in on your life daily....can't wait to see what you will be chatting about! maybe you could give us a peek into your new house while you give yourself a little break:)

country girl said...

I think ever blogger has these thoughts and feelings at least once.

I started blogging to keep a journal that also has photos. But the truth is, we can never be 100% honest about everything, all the time, as we would be if the journal was private. Which brings us back to...Why am I publishing these things? Why do I need people to read what I am writing or look at my pictures? Why do I want people's comments?

In the end, I think we are all somewhat lonely in this world, and blogging is, in the best cases, a meeting of hearts and minds. If you blog reflects your genuine self, like-minded people will find you, and slowly, a community of kindred spirits is built.

I have really enjoyed watching Benji grow up through your blog. I love it when you share cool things you have discovered with us (thanks for introducing me to pinterest!).

This is the perfect time to take space and reflect, and start with a clean inner slate for the new year!

Lots of love to you,


Heather P said...

I hear you! I get this way from time to time too, often when I focus too much on BLOG and too little on LIFE. For me, blogging is a daily exercise and a way to chronicle. When I get to stumped and feel like I'm pressured to do it, it usually means I need to go out and do and create. Then I come back to write it all down.

But I CAN say that your blog is a great gift to those of us who read it daily. I am guilty of not posting comments, which is like taking it all for free. I think you have a great message and your content is wonderful. Hope the slump goes away soon. ;)

Lovely Lindsay said...

"i long to say something that matters; to you. to me."
i love that.
remember who's blog this is. yours. and who you're really writing for. you.

love, lindsay

chris said...

Enjoy your break. I'll keep reading whatever you want to write, whenever you do. It's your heart and the way you see your world I love to read about.

Shelley @ The Happiness Diarires said...

for what it's worth...I think your blog is a breath of fresh air. so many blogs are mostly about shiny, lovely THINGS, but your writing is wonderful and you tell a story (you don't just pump out post after manufactured post). I hope you are able to take some time and find peace regarding your creative process. I for one would love to read more about you as a writer and paper crafter and about journaling as a mother/wife/person of faith. I'm tired of all the same old same old blogs about fashion, design and kids. Somehow you make those topics fresh and balance it nicely with honesty and real content.

anyway, good luck on your reprieve! happy new year!

Sarah said...

Hey there... I can tell you why I read your blog.
- it is well written
- your writing is very poetic
- you give good tips
- I like your style
- I like the real deal you
- you were the first blog i ever read that was not a friend, and one of the few I still read actually (like 6 or 7 years ago I started)
- we have children the same age
-decorating/crafting tips

There are other reasons too, but I have to run. Thanks for writing. Happy 2012!

The Rigolosos said...

Marta- This was exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you for being vulnerable enough to write these words.

You are a beautiful soul and I wish you exactly what you want to get out of 2012.

molly R

{amy k.} said...

Your words ring true so often. I know I'm not the only one who finds you and your blog inspiring, cozy, and relatable. Thank you for always sharing your thoughts and feelings!!

Kari said...

Feeling life weigh heavily, as well. The new year looming and just a few days left to start it with my best foot forward.

Nice thoughts still rolling around in that head of yours. You'll find your voice. And I'll be back to read all about it, friend.

M.T. said...

This was a beautiful post. I especially love your brave and thoughtful ones. :)

I know what you mean, too. I've been struggling a little with energy for my blog as my life has gone in a few new directions. But it has been such a source of fun and creative inspiration and keeping me positive that I don't want to let it go.

AmberLee said...

loved every word of this, as always, and wish you lots of wonderful things during your time away.

and i have to add along with other friends who have written, your writing alone has always been as lovely as anything i've ever come across in my reader, inspiring, filling, and completely packed with genuine substance.

Charlotte hardwick said...

Your blog is a daily reminder to appreciate the simple things in life and to be AWARE of the joy that is around us.
You are inspiring in so many ways and are spreading love and good stuff with every post!

Gretchen said...

I posted something very similar to this earlier today, but you said it so much better. I think every blogger struggles with why they blog and how to continue to be genuine when you may not have something to say. Thank you for being honest with us and for putting your feelings and confusion out there.

Tara said...

My hubby and I have decided that It's the winter blues that are clouding our minds. Sometimes reading Oh the Places You'll Go by Dr. Suess helps me :) And my 2 yr old likes it too! I posted this advice on your blog maybe a year ago, but as a mom you're constantly doing things that can be undone, dishes, laundry, picking up toys, etc. But your blog is something that can never be undone. You're building a legacy for your children and enlightening and helping other moms and women along the way. If you ever want to set up a play date We live in in the Salt Lake valley as well. Just shoot me an email :) tcarpe0310@gmail.com

brooke said...

I feel ya sister. I am struggling right now with sharing a more personal glimpse at my life and struggles or keep the blog focused on the happy and silly side of life. Can the two really co-exist? Can I really blog about the bachelor one day and then my deep personal problems the next? I don't know!!!

But I do love your blog. Always have. And I know you aren't saying good bye to the blogging world but I say take whatever time you need until you find your blogging mojo again.

{natalie} said...

Yours is one of my favorites. I hope you can find YOUR way and feel good about it.

Alison said...

Love your blog. Feel like I'll be missing a friend, but I know you'll be back:) Best of luck in trying to figure it all out.

Anonymous said...

i love blogs. did you know yours is the only one i have a shortcut icon to?! that way when i do get time to read i can quickly jump to it. your blog is clean and crisp and honest, fun, colorful, and unique! keep writing, after you take your break! you deserve a break if you need it.we all get in those slumps right. my sister and i call them winter funks. thanks for all that you share.

Tommy said...

I appreciate your blog and the fact that you're not promoting a new sponsor or product every five minutes. Sometimes I have the same thoughts you expressed in regard to my own blog, but I think it's all about staying true to yourself. If you find value in blogging, then I say continue doing so. If not, then let it go. You don't want to become a post factory where the heart has left the end result. Happy New Year!

Claire said...

You know how totally awesome I think you are. My respect grew even more today, Marta friend. I especially loved the part of this post when you said you'd rather create a couple bosom friendships with this blog than have the highest number of followers.

Thanks for your refreshing humility.

marta said...

thank you, thank you. who knew this post could generate so many fantastic comments?! i appreciate your words of support, kindness and 'i've been there too's'. i love all the good vibes; especially as we are starting off 2012. happy new year. thanks for all of your words; they are doing me good.

Jen said...

Marta, you have such a voice in the "blogging world". Yours was the first one I read loyally. You're so right about the many goal-oriented and intentional blogs out there, tutorials and captivating pictures abound. I love them and enjoy them. But what I really look forward to after all the self gratifying tutorials and over the top beautiful homes is hearing you. You are the friend who illuminates my heart. We don't know each other but you've changed my life Marta in a great way. The warmth, love and kindness you give to your family and friends is beautiful. When I saw your blog several years ago I had just experienced a betrayal from a friend and was down. After reading several posts I wished I had a friend like you. And that's when I realized I could be "that friend" to others. Giving creativity, laughter, thoughtful gifts, genuine love and interest. Your writing helped me peek around the corner and see what God really had planned for me. I just told my husband last night how thankful I am for the wonderful friends God has placed in our life now. But I wouldn't be such a great friend if I hadn't "met" you and started a new journey. I wish you the very best for 2012 and while you regroup. Whatever you conclude, please know that this blog has had intention and purpose.Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I'm in a slump too. Not a blogging one, since I'm not a pro-blogger, just a friends-n-family one. But a slump of life. Thank you for this post. It reminds me that I don't have to be "on" all the time. And it is important to do what is important for yourself, not for the masses.
Thank you and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Girl, your blog is simply the best!


carla thorup said...

Why is it we always feel less "shiny" than others when our story is always equally important? Love your words and hope a small break will be just what you need!

sunny said...

I love this honest post.

You are not alone. I've thought many times these past few months of shutting down my blog.

Enjoy your break - whether it's temporary or permanent... Nothing you could do could make us love you any less!

Shannon @ A Mom's Year said...

Marta, is it lame to link to one's own post? It's just that you got me thinking about writing and blogging and community. And I want to keep the conversation going:


I hope you and your boys are enjoying the new year!

summer said...

love you, marta. thank you. THANK YOU. and just wanted to say, when i think of what blogging is, i think of you.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have this blog! Your writing, art, and inspiration is the perfect pick-me-up on days when I need a refresher. Thanks for all your time, thought, and creativity to bless us!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, Marta. And I would genuinely miss your words and your spirit if you were gone from my reader. HOWEVER, I can totally, completely relate to pondering the "What is the point of doing this?!" When it comes to blogging. I am mostly a craft blogger, but so often I ask myself questions like, "Why I am putting all these ideas out there for free?" (So other people can steal them and sell their own version of my creations on Etsy?! lol) Or, "Who, exactly, am I trying to impress by showing off my life or my creations, etc., etc.?" Or, "Wouldn't my time be better spent putting all this time and energy that I devote to blogging and putting it into the people I know and love in real life?" Etc., etc. I have to admit that I am leaning towards just sticking with the (private) personal blog I keep for my family and giving up my public blog which feels more and more like a bizarre sort of reality TV performance for strangers I don't truly know. It's really weird. Blogging is just a really weird thing. I love expressing myself through words and pictures and communicating with the truly lovely people in this community but at the same time, it seems like such a time suck that might not be enriching my life in the right ways right now.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I completely relate to this weird struggle with blogging and wish you tons of luck finding your own resoultion to the problem. You'll figure out the right thing for you!

Best wishes to you, Marta! Have a happy, happy new year!

Christina said...

I have been thinking about this post since it first popped up in my reader. It was fabulously written as always and provided excellent food for thought. Enjoy your break. You will definitely have readers waiting when you decide to return!


Rambles with Reese said...

Hi Marta,

I hope you will continue to write and blog. I love the way you describe things and your way with words. This is a talent that should be shared. I don't always leave a comment, but I love to read your blog.

Remember not to compare yourself to anyone else. I think that's where most people go astray.
xo Reese

diane @ a spot of whimsy said...

i must say, that was a beautifully written post, marta. i happen to be asking myself a lot of the same questions right now, and while i wish that perfectly eloquent answers would jump out at me; alas, silence :) instead, must put in the work to figure it out. may 2012 bring you clarity and purpose. if it helps, others (self-included) aspire to write such thoughtful posts like you do

Stacey V. said...

Such an honest post and as always, so beautifully put. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog so very much even though I've never commented before.

You have a beautiful way with words, but my favorite thing about your writing is that you use it to celebrate motherhood + creating a warm home + love + living a creative life. I have only three blogs that I return to time and time again, and yours is one of them. What they all have in common is that they help me to slow down and appreciate the small day-to-day things and they remind me to enjoy every single day with my 3 year old son -- because time passes too quickly, and we won't get these days back. Oh, and you have great crafting style! ; >

Whatever you glean from this thoughtfulness about your approach to blogging, just know that your words are meaningful to those of us who have the pleasure of reading them. The message you send to me is to embrace life, enjoy the little things and treasure those around you. That's a pretty powerful sentiment to put out there, and I thank you for it.
Stacey : )

Katy said...
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Katy said...

I only comment occasionally as I read blogs on my tiny iPod touch in my lunch breaks and typing on the little pads takes ages! But I had to comment today. I've been reading your blog for two years now. (Man do I feel like a creepy stalker saying that!) Why do I read it? Insight into a different life in a different country. Shared interests. But most of all, I love your words. You are a very talented writer. So to be honest, if you only posted about what you had for dinner, that's fine by me.

Do whatever you feel works for you.

I have so much respect for anyone that blogs. I can't do it. So it's a big lifestyle and creative life choice as to how you do it and whether to do it. I hope you can restyle and reboot and find what blog life suits you.

holtkamp said...

love your pictures! we'll miss you!

Ariel said...

Oh Marta. Doesn't that describe exactly how I feel? And I'm not nearly the writer, photographer and blogger that you are. I have never taken my blog to a level that I have liked and consider deleting every post immediately after writing it. I loved this post because I think a lot of us just do without asking why?
I'm still here. Still faithfully reading! I hope you find exactly what you want to do. Because no matter what it is, if you are happy with your direction it will be reflected in your writing and your blogging.
Best wishes for the new year!

Lori Cartwright said...

I miss you...your writing and view on life is refreshing and uplifting to me. I sometimes leave blogs feeling very discouraged, but your blog fills me with hope. It is very real.

Good luck in your journey.

Love from Lori C.

Claire said...

For the record, I'm having Marta withdrawals. I hope you're doing some serious self-creating over there, because I miss you!

Just saying :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Marta, I don't remember how I first came across your blog but I have enjoyed all of the things you've written, all the photos, all the insight you bring to mothering and being a wife, even though I am so much older than you are. You are doing things with your little boy that I wish I had done when my children were little.
Some blogs just seem like a place to gripe, and I've stopped reading those; some are so cutesy they are tiresome to read all the time, but your writing is great and you do have something worth sharing. I hope you will be able to continue writing. However, I wanted to send a link to a post by a couple of other young women who have decided to stop blogging; I don't know if what they experienced is what you are going through, but it might help: http://pearlsanddiamonds.wordpress.com/2011/02/14/the-end-of-all-things-is-at-hand/
Best Wishes Marta!
Sandy in Georgia

Tara said...

Marta I miss your blog! Hope you and your family are doing well....Happy New Year!

communikate. said...

In all the years I've been blogging, I somehow missed yours. What a shame.

Thank you for so clearly writing the words that I could not express about my recents thoughts on blogging. I sat nodding along think "yep" and "totally".

Please keep going!

icklebabe_com said...

I couldn't just read and run on this post.
I've found your blog only a a while ago but already have scrolled through many of your posts and made and bookmarked many of your recipes. We ate your tortilla chicken soup ( with leftover turkey ) on boxing day :) I fell in love with the way you write and also all the things you create and so I really hope you do come back soon, I for one will be sure to say hi and welcome back when you do ;) xxx

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say hi and that I'm excited for your triumphant return to blogland. happy 2012! xo, elise

CAC muffin said...

GOOD for you! Take all the time you need....we will be here waiting your wonderful return! :)

edgar said...

I think that feeling comes to every writer now and then. The joy of writing will return.
Your photos tell stories and complements your blog.
I enjoy your writing-clear and honest.
Do you like Mondrian's paintings?

Tina said...

My 2-cents worth - maybe you just need a break! I don't think it's possible or wise to sustain anything on a daily basis (or close to it).

I say shut down the computer, go away for however long you need and come back revived. We'll miss you, but we'll still be here when you get back.

Dee said...

please come back.

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